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How To Make a Website On

How to make a website? This is the question that many users are there; here is a possible answer. To do that you can rely on the WordPress site! WordPress fact is not only a famous CMS for managing websites, but also gives you the ability to have a site immediately ready to be filled with content. So we see in this article how to create a website with WordPress.

The procedure is not very difficult, so it’s quick and simple, first of all to get started creating your website you have to access the wordpress main page.

How to Make a Website: Subscribing to WordPress

Let’s see how to make a website using wordpress the first step is to do is of course the free is concertize to the site.

If you look on the site in the left side of the screen will appear an orange button that says Get Started Here. To jump-start the site creation process you just press it to be taken to the next step.