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Sometimes common sense is the best advice. Imagine you are the owner of a shoe store. We decided to create a page on a social network. But we do not know the terrain and are committed to create a personal profile. “It’s the same, right?”.

No, it is not. And we will miss opportunities and perhaps begin to mix our personal and professional lives. When do we get to a store, the manager tells us how bad it’s going in life? If there is a good connection, yes. But if a client only has to buy all you need is: a good attention. Do the same in the virtual world.

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We all have friends and acquaintances who want to support (with goodwill) others who just opened a business. Without much thought or compromise, we accept. And soon, notifications about a product that we do not consume our space full.

A business should not use a personal profile:

  1. Personal profiles are limited to supporters (5000) and the name already indicates: they are personal.They do not come to mind talking about your shop, if you give classes, and so on.
  2. Create a personal profile and make it into the business card of your business is tempting but not practical.
  3. You expose yourself to that Facebook close it.”Fashion Purple Rose” is not a personal name, perhaps take some time but that day will come, not risk losing your data (photos, etc.)
  4. A page has its advantages: Anyone can view your content!No need to be your friend. If this interests you your job and decides to lean, you will.

In short, in personal profiles and personal information is shared photos with friends, leisure, talk about ideologies, tastes that may not be necessary to know our clients, you relax in the forms.

Mix with family labor content is not professional. The user experience is bad or perhaps surprise if there is no real friendship and the risk of losing potential customers run.

It is not to be strict and just talk about our business, backward: the networks are to show the social side of our company and our team. But from a close but not personally. There is a thin red line that must be respected for the good of all.

And if you already gave the plunge and started with a personal profile and believe that now is the time to open a page, do not worry, you can always migrate from a personal profile to a fan page.

Remember, there are many advantages of owning a front page profile: access statistics, application usage, the so-called action button called very useful to make reservations, make an appointment at a hairdresser (for example).

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