Dual SIM phones, why they have become the best solution for the company

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Companies that adopted many years using the mobile phone as one of the tools used by employees in mobility ago. At the same time these same workers have their own phones, sometimes better than those provided by the company. It is in these cases when the best solution is the Dual SIM phones for companies with mobile employees.

Dual SIM phones
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Usually these phones have a line that has data management and another that only works as a phone. In this way the company can reach an agreement with the employee , so that it takes over the terminal, its cost and the line without data, and is the employee who is responsible for continuing to pay his personal line with the data you need.

Both stand to gain, because the employee has to carry only one phone. The agenda does not have to mingle with the staff, you can disable the SIM at the end of business hours, as staff turned off the phone, etc. It will also have a lower rate, without having stays or pay in installments mobile operator.

What makes a company? An employee with a more effective tool . If at any time you need to use an app for their work, there will be no objection to doing so, especially if you have WiFi available in the office, for example. In addition it will be easier to transmit information, as communication with other tools that are not necessarily mail or telephone call.

If the employee who has to buy a handset with Dual SIM will be difficult to do so by their own choice. The operators are not very likely to offer these terminals for fear of losing business, not even to their enterprise customers. It is easier to find in free terminals, which also has its detractors within the company, because of the cost thereof.

Perhaps it is best to get a better deal instead of new terminals in exchange for stays faithful that keep businesses operators providing them a service. But the truth is that we are in a country where striking a gift of a set of pans when making a deposit in the bank before a better interest rate for the money invested. And the mobile terminals are always candy.

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