Designing an online marketing campaign for a charity

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Establishing a charity to support a worthy cause is a noble calling. Running a successful one is another thing altogether. You’ll have to get a good strategy that combines building awareness of your charity and the cause you support, reaching out to suitable donors, raising the necessary funds and performing the numerous duties that go into running a charity.

You will need a focused campaign if you want to make a positive impact on society and achieve all your charity’s goals. This is where a well-designed online marketing campaign comes in handy.

The internet is a boon for charities everywhere as it provides a cost-effective way for you to send a message to millions of people around the globe. It also provides several avenues you can use to raise awareness, reach out to supporters and donors, and generally garner a following for your charity.

Online campaign

However, you need to know how to go about boosting your online presence and taking advantage of the opportunities the internet offers. Here are some tips to help you market your charity:

  • Establish your online presence.

The first thing you should do is produce a well-designed, responsive website for your charity. You also need to create pages on major social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter. Ensure that your site is easily navigable and that it clearly outlines your charity’s vision, mission and objectives. Remember to regularly post your charity’s activities to your social media pages.

  • Raise awareness.

Large charities have perfected the art of raising awareness around their work and causes. Smaller charities, such as Penny Appeal, can borrow a leaf, especially on how to engage with supporters online. In order to build support, charities should post true stories as well as pictures and videos of their work to get their message across. They can also place adverts or pop-ups on reputable or popular sites to catch more people’s attention. It might also be a good idea to get some influential social media personalities to push their message in a meaningful way.

  • Research and understand your target.

Your charity’s marketing campaign will have more impact if you correctly target the right people. Tools such as Google Analytics make it easy for you to analyse your website’s traffic in order to identify the keywords people are using to find you. This way, you can know how to include these keywords in your web content or social media posts to draw in even more people.

  • Make use of online fundraising services.

These days, fundraising has gone high-tech and there are various online fundraising sites that enable you to reliably and securely get the funds your charity needs. However, your charity needs to be registered prior to accessing these sites and online directories. Utilising such sites makes the whole fundraising process simple and hassle-free for charities.

Finally, don’t forget to take advantage of any special provisions available for charitable organizations. For instance, YouTube has a non-profit programme that enables you to convey your message and add commentaries for your audience, while allowing other charities to link to your site to drive traffic.

While running a successful online marketing campaign for a charity involves a lot of hard work, if done correctly, the results will be deeply satisfying.

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