How to be relevant in the new era of consumer and not die trying

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It is paradoxical that in the age in which we have as much information about users increasingly cost us capture their attention. Exponential growth and adoption of new technologies that increasingly emerge more quickly have changed consumer habits. Now is the consumer who has the power in their hands and everything we have been doing until now no longer valid.

Era of consumer
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A scenario that brands have to face every day and where be relevant is an arduous task. The communication strategies of companies now undergo dynamic target people based on two concepts: adaptability and versatility.

It is no longer an option for brands to have a presence in all those channels in which the user is present. And it is precisely the technology that has highlighted the many challenges that still lie ahead.

It has started a frantic race to incorporate new technologies in order to respond to the needs of those empowered users. It is nice to have such a vision but have never been good rush. Maybe we should not put all the meat on the grill until the last incorporating breakthrough that reaches our hands to meet some demands that are perfectly identified in single term volatility.

Marks run numerous risks too quickly adapt to new tools in the growing number of channels and platforms. You should note that in an area in which the elements change constantly so that all efforts can we make to implement a particular technology become obsolete in a short time before the arrival of new advances we move.

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Nothing escapes the view of users and satisfies precisely this desire to be seen as a lack of commitment to a seated and railway line to follow strategy. We do not want to be perceived well in the era of social consciousness. We do not want to be seen as eager betting on all the news that arrive without stopping to analyze what really benefit our audience.

The challenge is to adopt those technologies and tools that really help us to settle our strategy to meet the goals, ideas and values that has always identified the brand. Three concepts that should not vary by the arrival of emerging technologies but their contribution passes strengthen the proposal. Remember that your brand mission not only be responding to the needs and demands of its users but must solve social problems with the best and strongest tools: the corporate culture.

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