HoloLens will reach 5.5 hours of autonomy, working to improve the field of vision

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The future that he’s up to Microsoft to HoloLens looks spectacular, while the majority stake to 100% by virtual reality, they think they have to play with a couple of realities, virtual above, and increased, a whole town itself. There is much to be done here, until we have one at home, also check how much is actually marvel, but we are confident that Microsoft is charging well HoloLens ammunition, and it works even has other projects.

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There are many questions around the town, such as processing power or autonomy that will have.We remind you that Microsoft has decided to have its own embedded brain, I mean, no circuitry inside to give life to the images, no need power cable and data to go to a supercomputer, which is what they need helmets virtual reality are currently cooking. This does not mean that HoloLens can also seek help from an external device, but for now there is no too clear about it.

HoloLens is a wireless device, the battery is in the hull itself, and then you have to feed processors and connectivity

To which today is going to raise the issue of autonomy, which should move between 2.5 and 5.5 hours , depending on the use to which it will give.

This information comes from an event in Tel Aviv, where Bruce Harris shares some details on the hull.You must pay attention to this type of intervention, Microsoft is setting up meetings with developers throughout the world.

To improve the field of view

It also lets slip that there will be improvements in viewing angle HoloLens offers one of the few weaknesses that have brought him to the system since its introduction. Those who have tried it say that the quality of representation and experience is great, but the angle at which the action is drawn – the hologram – is not extensive.

Harris now realize that we can compare it to watch a monitor 15 inches from a distance of 60 centimeters.

What is not there is not a word on availability or price possible for now focus more on having things related to user experience, and bring development kits to people who will use them. Ment, facing developers is expected that these tools have a quoted $ 3,000.

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