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The Amazon Echo, the unique Amazon speakers that integrate its voice assistant Alexa have received an interesting update: now these devices will be able to read your books you buy for the Kindle electronic book reader.

Amazon Echo
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This new version of the internal software of this device allows the order “ Alexa, read [a book from the Kindle library] “begin to hear the synthesized voice reading the book in question. It is the first assistant who provides such a capability, and now have to wait if Google and Apple renewed its developments with this provision.

Attendees voice, another technology war

Siri and Google Now both they seem intended to provide the same capability as Apple and Google have their own distribution services of electronic books , but here Amazon part with the advantage of having a much more focused in this area was in fact ecosystem the original pillar of its business.

The voice assistant Amazon allows besides reading the book can make pauses, go forward or backward in reading or continue with that synthesized voice reading where we left to go completing the process at our own pace. It will be interesting to see if this feature is also part of the second version of Echo could also get into new formats .

Until that happens, the other attendees also try to advance in the market. Now Google seems to have lost some steam with the recent restructuring of the team that developed while Siri has improved gradually in the iOS devices. Cortana, the Microsoft assistant, is what today seems more ambitious and seeks to conquer not only the user of Windows Phone or Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile has also made ​​the leap to iOS and Android.

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