ASRock miniPC presumes to be the most powerful on the market, the secret is on the plate

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If you are looking for a computer conditions, minimum format, you can take a look at the work of ASRock. Among its wide range of ‘mini PCs’ we can find the series DeskMini 110 with very powerful features in a really small box.

ASRock sells it as the ideal equipment for those who need speed, but also require space or the possibility of transporting it with ease. In the box of the DeskMini fit 1.82 liters, and its dimensions are only 155 x 155 x 80 millimeters. Okay, there are computers ‘mini’ with this size, but few let us put a mini-STX plate.

ASRock miniPC
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ASRock claims that its DeskMini is 23% more powerful than competing ‘mini’ computers, thanks to processors supported by the mini-STX card

ASRock and DeskMini were the first to use this plate format in the 110, allowing you to choose more powerful processors, not just versions developed for the mobile world.

The plate specifically called ASRock H110M-STX, and was presented in July, but now we announce compatibility – by updating BIOS – with families most powerful and modern Intel processors in them we find both Skylake as Kaby Lake. The plate is slightly larger than a NUC, but is 29 percent smaller than a Mini-ITX format.

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Intel Fat Processors Inside a Box

With respect to processor, we can say that this ASRock DeskMini mini-PC is the most powerful on the market, since it is possible to place inside to a Core i7-7700. The basic configuration starts with a Core i3-6100. The socket for the CPU is an Intel LGA1151 and supporting maximum TDP is 65W.

The grace of the whole is not only on the plate and possible processors, there is also space for two SSD drives formatted 2.5 – inch (M.2), we can climb up to 32GB of RAM (DDR4), and there is a good ration Connectors: two USB 3.0 ports, three video outputs VGA, HDMI, and DisplayPort (maximum two monitors).

To get a small computer the power supply happens to be external, the processor has a heatsink of reference of the own Intel…

The presence of a USB 3.0 connector reversible that could mask a Thunderbolt 3.0. This would open the doors to the use of an external graphics card, which is possibly the simplest aspect of the equipment, since we have to be satisfied with the option integrated in Intel plate.

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