Digital drawing: Why you should start using a tablet to draw?

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Not long ago, many illustrators and designers worked with pencil on paper. They needed different materials like pencils of different types and thicknesses, colored pencils and other tools. Making corrections was a somewhat complicated task. When specialized illustration software like Adobe Illustrator appeared, many of these artists decided to migrate to digital drawing.

However, the mouse also presented difficulties. Can you imagine trying to draw with a traditional mouse or on a trackpad? It is not easy! Now, imagine how complicated it would be to draw an illustration in detail or to make adjustments to graphic material in a precise way.

It is here where the tablets for digital drawing appeared.

You can connect these devices to your computer with a USB cable or via Bluetooth. You can draw with a special pencil with extraordinary precision on a table.

When talking about a drawing tablet, it must be taken into account that, like everything, it has advantages and disadvantages. When you start using it everything is wonderful but the main complication you can find is that it is somewhat difficult to draw without looking, like when you draw on paper, and it can be very unnatural. Fortunately, getting used to it just takes a little practice.

With a drawing tablet, you can illustrate, make animations or retouch photographs in a very comfortable way. When used with good design software such as Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop you get an endless color palette, a variety of effects and spectacular finishes.

If you find it a bit difficult to use the stylus and not being able to look at the paper while you draw, you can opt for drawing tablets that have a screen, which greatly improves the experience.

Basic aspects that you must take into account to choose the best tablet to draw and the most suitable for you …


One of the important points is pressure sensitivity. With this, you control the thickness of the lines of your drawings, just like when you draw in pencil. Digital drawing tablets offer an average of 2,048 pressure points, which is more than enough to achieve good strokes.


There are tablets from 15×20 centimeters to 25×15 centimeters. The one you choose will be based on your preferences and the type of monitor you have. The bigger your monitor is, the easier it is to draw with a large tablet.


This refers to how much detail you can achieve on the surface of your digital drawing tablet. From the smallest to the largest, they usually have sufficient resolution to achieve professional detail.


Most tablets include the pen, but you can also choose one yourself. There are battery-powered, rechargeable pens, and some don’t require anything extra.

Some tablets like the Wacom brand offer pencils with extra features such as click, double click, they allow you to control the zoom, the size of the brush, etc. There are pencils that even have tilt recognition in fine strokes.

If you are already determined to have a tablet and get the most out of it, you can choose one of these courses where you can learn new techniques that will surely be very useful to you.

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