What is a power flush and do I need one

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Your boiler is the key to hot water and heating in your home. It is vital to take care of the boiler and make sure it is maintained correctly with an annual service. But even with annual servicing, debris and dirty water can build up in a system, and this is the most common cause of boilers breaking down. A power flush can be carried out to clean the system and remove sludge from the system.

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How Do I Know If My System Needs a Power Flush?

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Exactly how often you will need to power-flush your system will vary according to your boiler and central heating system, but there are signs to look out for which let you know the system needs flushing.

Signs to look out for are:

A noisy boiler
Boiler regularly needing to be restarted
Central heating taking longer to heat up
Noisy radiators
Leaking Radiators
Cold areas on radiators or some radiators not fully heating up
No water escaping when bleeding radiators
Discoloured (cloudy, grey or black) water escaping when bleeding

If you have any of the above signs, it could be that dirty water, debris and sludge have had a detrimental effect on the boiler performance. Parts are forced to work harder and longer than they should – for example, a pump may need to be on for longer. Also you may see an increase in your utility bills if your heating system is not working efficiently and effectively.

What Exactly Is a Power Flush?

A power flush is essentially a way of cleaning out, and flushing through, the heating system. This process must be carried out by a Gas Safe Engineer. There are many reliable and experienced Gas Safe engineers across the UK. If you are looking for boiler repair Cheltenham, for example, has reputable companies such as http://www.hprservicesltd.com/cheltenham-boilers/boiler-repair-cheltenham/.

Your chosen Gas Safe Engineer can carry out a power flush by pushing a chemical product through the system which creates a reaction to break down any sludge, limescale, magnetite, etc that may have built up in the system along with dirty water. This can then simply be flushed through the system, leaving the boiler and heating system clean and free of blockages.

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