What website design and maintenance costs?

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There are times in life when we have to rely on the experts. Most of us would be unable to fix our cars, repair our boilers or undertake our own dental work, for example, which is why we have motor mechanics, electricians, plumbers and dentists. In any industry there are always good guys and cowboys ‒ the trick lies in knowing which is which!

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Website rip-offs

Far too many small businesses have given up on their old and outdated websites as a direct result of web design companies charging ridiculous sums of money for every little update. The customer eventually becomes fed up with paying out large sums simply to update product information and allows the website to gather virtual dust in a classic case of cutting off their company’s nose to spite its face.

Scambusters reports that there are cases of people paying a small fortune for a website that fails to perform according to plan, leaving the customer out of pocket and extremely dissatisfied.

Meanwhile McNewsy lists a number of common overcharging scenarios, including charging for content updates, retaining overall control and ownership of a site, and locking you into expensive web hosting packages.

Good designers are out there

Don’t be disheartened, even if you have had a bad experience in the past. As with all trades there are good guys out there and it is just a matter of doing your homework to source them; for example, a Web Design Yorkshire company that you can source on sites such as etempa.co.uk will offer a clear pricing structure and ensure that you own your domain name. They have professionals there to explain exactly what will take your company in the right direction.
If you are looking for web design, always ask to see examples of the designer’s work, along with testimonials.  Get in touch with previous customers and ask them whether they are satisfied with their websites. Has the site performed as promised? Do they feel they received good value for money? These are all things to consider when looking for your designers.

If your web designer does not want you to contact previous customers, then it is best to walk away and try elsewhere. Good designers understand that you want to check their credentials and will encourage you to do so.

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