How to Create a Temporary and Anonymous Mailbox

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An anonymous email address, temporary and fast to create? To date, a practice still not widespread and known perhaps but extremely useful in many areas. Thanks to this guide, you will discover how but above all how easy it is to create a disposable mail account for all your needs and how to use it to the fullest.

“Why should I create a one-time email account when I’m already satisfied with the service offered by Gmail, Libero or Yahoo?”

I answer you with another question: have you ever asked yourself – one of the many – why the advertisements alongside your emails are so targeted? Almost listen to you when you talk?

For this reason, but for many other reasons, a temporary box from which you can receive “flying” mail (private correspondence that you do not want to let anyone know or confirm registration e-mail for example) could come in handy.

To date, 99% of online services (online newspapers, e-commerce, discussion forums, portals …) require registration, even if only to request information on a product. We are also continuously monitored, spied on while browsing the internet through the use of third-party cookies that, by tracking the navigation, memorize what we view to better target the advertisements.

How many times have you filled out forms on forms by entering your personal email? Probably, in a hurry, however, you will have missed those devious rumors at the bottom of the page that if left unchecked will insert your mail in turn on other spam networks.

In short, continually giving your personal e-mail exposes us to risks of identity theft or our sensitive data but above all, it will certainly fill our mail with useless and continuous spam messages that are increasingly aggressive.

We therefore learn to defend ourselves and protect our online privacy even more with the help of useful but above all free tools.

The advantages of a temporary mailbox

In summary, using a temporary mailbox brings the following advantages …

  • No registration required (username or password to remember)
  • Protected identity
  • Spam reset
  • Control of new messages continuously
  • No mail client required. Just a browser and a web address

Create an anonymous and single-use mail account

The service that I liked most and convinced the most, for its extreme simplicity and clarity, is Tempmail. Once you reach the site, to get your first address (there are no account limits!) You just have to open the site. Done!

Of extreme simplicity. You will find your anonymous and temporary mail address at the top of the page ready to be used!

What else can you do thanks to Tempmail? You can easily change the e-mail address in just a few seconds even by choosing the prefix (the actual e-mail address preceding the at sign).

To do this, click on the left on the Change button and enter the desired email address and complete the process by confirming with the save button. Wait for confirmation by displaying the message “The e-mail address has been changed successfully!” And here too, you’re done!

What else to know?

  • The service does not allow sending or replying to emails received
  • The site does not require any registration
  • The e-mail address remains valid until you delete it. It is not necessary to extend the life period.
  • Accounts and messages will not be automatically deleted so if you already know that you no longer use this address, remember to press the delete button on the bottom left of the site main page

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