The Best Tech Majors for College Students

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College students who are still considering their options as to the major they’re going to choose have a lot to think about with respect to their possible earning potential after they graduate. One of the most stable areas of the job market is the technology sector, even in the most difficult economic turmoil. Jobs in technology are in high demand and students would be well advised to consider a major in one of the many industries associated with this sector of the marketplace.

The good news is that there are plenty of tech majors to choose from, each one providing you with the skill set to enter any field from software engineering to web development and so much more. The tech major you select now can have a large impact on your annual salary for years to come. So it’s important you choose wisely for the career you really want and if it’s a tech job you’re looking for, then these are the best majors you will want to research as you make your way to that all important decision for your education at the University of Cincinnati.

Computer Science

Getting your degree in this major can prepare you for a range of positions from a software designer to a front-end developer to a systems analyst with the potential to earn up to six figures annually. Getting a background in computer science will put you in demand with some of the top tech companies in the country, who are always looking for the best and brightest minds with a wide reaching knowledge of these fields fresh out of college.

The Best Tech Majors for College Students

System Administration

If you have a knack for building computer systems, then you would do well to pursue a degree in system administration. You can learn everything you need to know about creating and managing computer systems and networks in a variety of fields, some of which can be very competitive. So getting a Bachelor’s Degree in this major can give you a much needed advantage over other candidates who may have just opted for certifications and specialty training in a limited capacity.

Video Game Programming

Everyone loves video games and with some of the hottest titles grossing more money than major motion pictures in worldwide receipts, gaming is among the most highly sought after fields for employers and potential candidates alike. Who wouldn’t want a gig designing and building video games for use on all the major gaming consoles like the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC’s? If you’d like to break into this innovative and creative part of the tech sector, this is the major you want to pursue.

Web Development

Pursuing a degree in web development can put you on the fast track for finding work with firms that design, build, and create content for websites of every size. Though it doesn’t always incorporate web design and programming, developers are tasked with ensuring that a website is running properly more than overseeing the aesthetic. Though a degree isn’t always required to find a position in this area of the tech sector, it can certainly help you land the gig you really want once you’re out of Tufts University.

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