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The social media travel at the speed of light and it is not easy to stay up to date on new trends of the network.

In general, several studies have asserted that social networks are becoming more and more visual, and content, which remains the undisputed King of the network, will necessarily have to take the same road if you want to remain acceptable or become viral. There is also talking, increasingly, the social signal, which apparently, despite several denials of the Google team, would bring an increase in traffic to the sites even optic SEO.

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To users of Facebook like the photos. Every day the company is loaded more than 350 million photos. Brands must therefore seize this opportunity to create engagement through photo sharing.

Starbucks, for example, has fully understood the importance of sharing images. Each day public pictures of its beverages. The majority of these photos are images shared by fans on Facebook or Instagram. In this way, the fans are still more willing to share.


With the introduction of the Twitter card brands have had a chance to stand out in an environment populated mostly text. The sharing of images in fact enriches every tweet and pictures break up the monotony of the stream by attracting the most attention.

The Huffington Post shares a picture at every tweet and customizes the “title tag” in order to provide more information.


Integrated with YouTube, Google Plus offers the opportunity for brands to increase its capacity. All videos and fact appear automatically in the flow of news from Google +. The biggest opportunity for brands is to be a new place where interaction and create new experiences for their users.

Toyota for example has created the Hangout that called “Toyota Collaborator”, through which manages to live in 5 people at once the experience of creating their own vehicle of dreams and try it in a virtual way with a test drive of Google Maps.


Perhaps the company that is progressing more slowly despite its popularity. They are the brands that are trying to reinvent the use of the platform to their advantage, showing, for example, its products or services in action.

Who had creativity is Adt that through their own channel allows users to make virtual tour in the famous athletes who use ADT Pulse homes.


It is no longer, but probably never has been, copy and paste of your paper resume. Rather they should be used to share your projects, connect with professionals in their field and create a true virtual portfolio.

The chef Paul Maloney has won several works showing on Linkendin recipes and photos of their culinary creations.

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What matters is the quality. Users themselves arriving on social have high expectations on the quality of the images they are looking for. At the moment it is the ideal place for photographers and brands that use visual strategies.

Photographer Tyson Robichaud, for example, uses the company to create little challenges with their followers.


For brands is the ideal way to bring traffic to their site. Your profile, if well constructed, can become a real e-commerce. Applying its own brand in each photo, the own brand sharing happens in a free breakfast each Pin.

Nordstrom is the most followed brand on Pinterest. The strategy is to offer the postage free to the most finned content, thus creating engagement and traffic to the site.


It is the shared experience. To create the identity of a brand is good to create one or more hashtags related to brand and monitor them constantly to get information from their followers on the actual perception of the brand or product. Instragram also offers the ability to create contests that may be useful when you land on the platform to form an initial result.

The brand Chobani chose to use hashtags created directly from your community.


Just 6 seconds to bring out your product or your brand. Brands must create iconic images, which aim to create a memorable visual signal.

Oreo, for example, always shows his cookie celebrities in full-portrait mode at the beginning of each promotional video.

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