4 Tech Jobs You Can’t Land Without a College Degree

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It’s true that there are a whole range of employment opportunities available for individuals who don’t have a college degree. You hear stories every day of wildly successful people who forged ahead to do great things after dropping out of school or skipping college entirely, so there’s no doubt you can go far without a college degree.

But you may have an uphill climb trying to get one of these four tech jobs if you don’t have a tech degree. Landing a gig could prove difficult without one, simply because the competition to get one of these positions is fierce in the current job market. To rise above the rest, a tech degree can go a long way to separating you from the pack and give you that leg up you need with employers who only want the very best for their firm.

So if you are considering a career in the tech sector and have your sights set on one of these tech jobs, you would do well to obtain that valuable college degree first, be it at Tufts University or pursuing USC’s gis certificate online.

Tech Jobs

  1. Web Development

Some of you may be surprised to see this job on the list of those that really require a college degree. The truth of the matter is that, yes, you could probably find your way to a job like this or something similar without a degree, but for those of you who want to land a gig with a leading firm and pull down a maximum salary in this field, you’re going to need an Associate Degree in web programming.

  1. Network and Computer System Administration

Perhaps you’re more interested in overseeing the smooth operation of computer networks for major corporations, government agencies, and everything else in between. Then a job in network and computer system administration is what you’re looking for, but you won’t have much luck finding one without a Bachelor’s Degree. This is a position that doesn’t have much leeway in terms of on the job training, so you need to be ready to handle any type of challenge on day one. Getting your degree will provide you with the tools to be prepared.

  1. Industrial Engineering

A job in industrial engineering requires you to have a solid foundation in math and science. That means, in order to get a job such as this you’re going to want to get any number of relevant degrees including a Bachelor or Master of Science in Industrial Engineering, Master of Engineering in Industrial Engineering, or at the very least a Minor in Industrial Engineering.

  1. Software Applications

Whether it’s Citrix or Best Buy, there is a large number of companies looking for developers of applications software. Students in this field learn programming in a range of languages and many of them go on to become systems analysts and applications developers and analysts. A Bachelor’s Degree is often required by most employers who are looking to fill one of these positions.

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