Blogger and YouTube, the great allies of beauty brands

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Bloggers and YouTubers have become an essential tool for campaigns to promote brands. If the celebrities were the most coveted brands, earlier fashion influencers today are different: they have very loyal fans, higher levels of confidence and in many cases cheaper rates.

However, more interesting is that they are effective in influencing purchasing decisions of their followers. In addition, this is especially true in a sector such as beauty, where bloggers have managed to millions of viewers who rely not only on their makeup tricks, but also in its opinion on the best and worst cosmetics for everything.

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This is reflected in a new report of Fashionbi where it is revealed that there are bloggers, video bloggers and youtubers with more than 25 million loyal fans, as is the case Zoella. In addition, their interest to manufacturers is clear: when this blogger recommended rouge Topshop, the ratio of click was 40%, a very high percentage and would want for themselves other advertising and marketing formats: the influence of bloggers is greater than any traditional, both online and offline campaign.

As explained from Fashionbi, brands that are reluctant to bet on bloggers beauty as an image for your campaigns are missing a great opportunity: “These bloggers have a wide presence that grows daily, daily activity, daily growing number of followers and attractive brands can only win through collaboration.” The truth is that this kind of influencers provides a very frequent activity, and has a range of personnel type is really- though not among their followers.

they are also taking, and collaboration with beauty bloggers more top is not cheap precisely, the report shows that the most important influencers in the sector would be entering between 15,000 and 40,000 dollars a month simply through ads brands (without having the money that can be gained through personal appearances, product placement or sponsorships).

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It is not the first study that emphasizes the potential of bloggers and youtubers for brands, data Affilinet had already shown that, after family and friends, bloggers were the second most credible source of information, thanks to its reviews balanced and its real content.

60% of fashion and beauty companies already have a strategy in place with influencers.

The truth is that companies are already well aware of the advantages of working with the most popular bloggers, and in the case of beauty, 6 out of 10 sectors already have a strategy in place with these faces emerging from blogs and social networks, as another report of Fashion & Beauty Monitor. In addition, 59% expect to increase the marketing budget for this year influencers.

Therefore, they are using the influencers. Especially for the promotion and distribution of content (75%) but also play a vital to introduce new products after launch (69%) or appear at events and webinars role.

Among the major challenges for brands highlights the identification of appropriate influencer (especially if we consider that is more effective the more relevant blogger for a given subject, which has the most followers) and getting their attention and get involve him in the campaign, especially now that prices begin to skyrocket.

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