Cooling and heating the home is more efficient with a geothermal system, according to the former Google Dandelion

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Dandelion ensures that it can, relatively inexpensively, hole the bottom of your home to install a geothermal system that will heat or cool the home with renewable energy. Or what is the same, take advantage of the natural heat of the interior of the earth that is transmitted through the medium.

Who is Dandelion? Well it’s a company that appeared out of nowhere but it takes a long time – two years – to take shape inside Google’s X-Labs. The mother house of all this, Alphabet, decided that it was time for him to take the first steps, on his own.

The “drilling” company was presented a few hours ago and starts its operations with two million dollars in foreign investments. It is the first company that leaves Google X since it did Waymo, company that yes was under the umbrella of Alphabet.

For now it will only work in the state of New York, where its headquarters are located. They start there because of the characteristics of the site, since geothermal systems are most useful in climates with cold winters and hot, very extreme summers. In these cases the temperature variation between the air and what we have underground, is greater.

How does it work?

Google Dandelion
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The company inserts plastic pipes to a depth of 90 to 150 meters, where the temperature is practically constant – about ten degrees, be it winter or summer.

A pump located on the surface sends water through these U-shaped ducts, managing to move the heat between the earth and the home efficiently.

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The idea is not new, but Dandelion has special designs that make the installation cheaper. The prices that are handled are about $25,000 for putting the system at home, or a monthly payment of about 160 dollars for 20 years. In that time we would save more than $30,000 than a user of a system based on propane, in addition to being a much cleaner solution.

Better off Google

Google Dandelion
Image Source: Google Image

The version of the young company is that it had no interest to continue within Alphabet, since there is not enough overlap between its technology and other departments to justify the permanence.

Everything that the company advances in drilling technology, it interests Google little, prefers to keep departments that can share things like maps or machine learning. Better start an independent life.

If we take a look at Alphabet we see that they have Nest as a leading company in this of smart homes, with the thermostat as the main protagonist. It is rare that they have not established a clearer relationship between companies, since Dandelion say they are open to working with them in the future.

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