Fast, simple and intuitive: The keys to conquer the consumer eCommerce

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Everyone has had this feeling when you have to make changes in a large area for the first time. You go, confident, to the box to say you want to change a product or go to specific linear where they sell it, consider your problem (possibly after waiting for sedateness a couple of consumers who had arrived earlier), the clerk hears (although some in body language tells us that we will not solve our problem) and after hearing all matters reminds us that catchall called customer. One has to go, then possibly come back to take the product for which you want to change, make a few queues and a half later before managing to lose solve it touches: one feels lost time.

The same is true when you are trying to make a change (and more a claim for bad service!) With the telecommunications operator shift or when trying to buy something in some online stores that have not been designed with the consumer in the mind. To do countless clicks to find what you want (or tell our problem to those who seem million robots while ‘operator, operator’ is repeated like an incantation to speak to a human, one that does not always work?) And quite likely that in the way you feel tempted to throw in the towel directly. Why? Why I’ll get me a postgraduate degree in that mark (that’s what you feel you are doing) to buy that product? Unless the mark is the sole owner of the product and unless that is the only online store that sells it, the consumer will end up fleeing to the competition.

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And if time is money for consumers as offline is concerned, if you feel very frustrated and very unfavorable to the brand when they wait for hours in a queue or another, much more so is online . Internet was born as an element to help us save time, or at least that’s what consumers feel.

Why do the monthly shopping online?

The only reason for this is that so you do not have to waste time going to the supermarket and I can do it while I advance in my work, as I read the news or in a gap between two or three things. I have to wait in the box, I have to load the products in the cart and it all adds up click after click my shopping list.

On the Internet, the consumer expects that everything is made and designed to make your life much easier and the surfer is why much less receptive to all those things that make you waste time. These brands trying to get more information so that consumers follow a longer path ( it useful that is here? Why do not we have to see X to access Y?) Are actually making a mistake bulk . As pointed out in a review of Forrester, digital consumer for time itself is literally gold.

The proper analysis of a real experience of one of Forrester analysts, who tested a mobile service that a hotel chain announced with great fanfare its clients, Room Service Order Online (room service which can be ordered online from the mobile) and it does not work as expected. Neither it is the great app that promise is neither quick nor efficient: the user is actually hung on a page refreshes again and again. And when you get in, you must face a series of drop down menus that make click after click and not get anything. “I spent 20 minutes trying to ask the service digital rooms and I failed,” says Nigel Fenwick, the analyst, in the blog post Forrester. “When he finally threw the traditional method of hand picking up the phone and call room service, my order was recorded in less than 30 seconds,” he added.

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And the story, which is more about the problems one can face on the network, serves to illustrate what not to do and as a lesson of what cannot be allowed when a service via the Internet is given.

Fast, simple, intuitive

Why has Amazon been so successful? Many are the reasons that led the giant to succeed, but one of them (and one that has led to great sales ratios) is how easy it is done with a product. Consumers who are recurrent portal and can confirm it. Buy eBooks, for example, it is as simple as clicking a button and clearly highlighted yellow. Once clicked, the system already tells us that the eBook will be downloaded to our Kindle. When physical products are bought, you have to confirm the delivery address? Unless the order is activated in one click and is removed that issue. Buying is as easy as you want.

On the Internet, companies cannot and should not add unnecessary complications, or ask redundant information (if someone has bought something ever and already have your contact information , why go back to ask for it ?) And make the process eternize. Everything has to be fast, smooth and easy and everything has to be, so to speak, organic. The purchase process should be intuitive: no one should have to work for hours to understand how the process works or what to do to get the product you want.

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