Fast, simple and intuitive: The keys to conquer the consumer eCommerce

Everyone has had this feeling when you have to make changes in a large area for the first time. You go, confident, to the box to say you want to change a product or go to specific linear where they sell it, consider your problem (possibly after waiting for sedateness a couple of consumers who had arrived earlier), the clerk hears (although some in body language tells us that we will not solve our problem) and after hearing all matters reminds us that catchall called customer. One has to go, then possibly come back to take the product for which you want to change, make a few queues and a half later before managing to lose solve it touches: one feels lost time.

The same is true when you are trying to make a change (and more a claim for bad service!) With the telecommunications operator shift or when trying to buy something in some online stores that have not been designed with the consumer in the mind. To do countless clicks to find what you want (or tell our problem to those who seem million robots while ‘operator, operator’ is repeated like an incantation to speak to a human, one that does not always work?) And quite likely that in the way you feel tempted to throw in the towel directly. Why? Why I’ll get me a postgraduate degree in that mark (that’s what you feel you are doing) to buy that product? Unless the mark is the sole owner of the product and unless that is the only online store that sells it, the consumer will end up fleeing to the competition.