How to Go About Vehicle Registration

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Just like you cannot drive a car without a license, it is not possible for you to take your vehicle out on the road if it is not registered. Motor vehicle registration is mandatory for all vehicles in almost all countries around the globe. While the laws in every country can vary, in most places the car registration is only valid for 12 months and you need to renew the registration every year to be able to drive it on public property without facing legal consequences. Buying a car is quite easy when you have the funds, but registering might seem complicated to you.

Luckily, when you are registering a new car, it is typically done by the dealership from where you have purchased it. Whether you are doing vehicle registration in Dubai or in the US, the documents that you need to provide when agencies are registering your vehicle are:

  • Provide original certificate of ownership, customs and transfer
  • Original insurance certificate of about 13 months
  • If your car is mortgaged, you need to have the letter from the mortgagee
  • If the vehicle model is old or has been registered in the past, you need to have original vehicle testing documents
  • A letter of mortgage given by the bank (if applicable)
  • The original invoice of the car that serves as proof of purchase and contains information about the vehicle and authentication from the dealership
  • Export or transfer of vehicle license plates
  • Original ID or passport

The dealership will register your vehicle on your behalf the first time around, but from then on, you can get in touch with insurance companies, service centers or Road and Traffic Authority call centers for doing so. See some helpful information in this regard at Renew my Car Registration. When the vehicle is registered by showrooms, the following documents are needed:

  • A printed copy of the original sales contract
  • The original certificate of customs, transfer and ownership is needed
  • The trade license needs to be submitted
  • The showroom owner’s authorized signature copy
  • Copy of the vehicle testing documents if the model is of a past year or the vehicle has been registered before
  • A letter of mortgage from the bank
  • Application form of licensing vehicle
  • Original driver license of the owner
  • Original passport and ID card

When you have provided the necessary documents, the registration process can begin. It is essential to remember that in most cases you need to have an insurance policy. If a vehicle has been used for three years, it needs to be examined and the same applies to a vehicle that has recently changed ownership. A certificate is issued to the owner once the testing is complete. If the vehicle fails the test, it cannot be registered until the required repairs have been made. If there are any fines on the vehicle or the owner’s license, they need to be cleared before the vehicle can be registered. As long as you follow the proper guidelines, you will not encounter any complications in the vehicle registration process and will be able to take your vehicle out in a matter of time. If you live in UAE, Renew My Car Registration can be very helpful with the process. They are also a trusted source in case you want to sell a car.

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