Electric tapping machines: their advantages and applications

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Drilling and tapping machines span a whole range from the small hobbyist versions right through to the huge industrial ones punching holes rapidly in metal as part of a production process. The need for them, from craft jewellers to multi-national industrial firms, becomes obvious wherever there is a requirement to drill or thread holes in a surface with a high degree of accuracy.


Almost all large-scale production will involve drilling or tapping. Think of a car body and all the things that need to be attached to it, for example. At the other end of the scale, there is the need for a fine jeweller or watchmaker to accurately and delicately make holes in fine-scale, perfectly engineered metals whether they are making new or repairing.

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Most drilling and tapping will be done by vertical drilling machines, known as the drill press. The material being worked on will be held in place by a vice or a clamping system, often automated, depending on its shape and size. They are adjustable by height to accommodate almost any shape or size. Different materials will require the drill to work at different speeds. This can be varied by means of the variator board.

Some machines have a quick change tool holder, such as these Roscamat electric tapping machines https://www.cotswold-machinery-sales.co.uk/roscamat-tapping-machines/electric-tapping-machines/roscamat-tiger-electric-tapping-machine. This ensures a minimum of lost time changing between different hole sizes and different materials. A guide to the type of holes and tapping used in machining processes can be seen here:.

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These machines range in size from 6 inches to upwards of 60 inches and can offer the accuracy of finish required in today’s industrial environments. Used in accordance with relevant safety laws, they can bring extra efficiency to any process, whether on small-scale or large-scale production runs. Their robust construction keeps maintenance down to the very minimum and being able to build in automation brings the ease of use that many businesses require these days. They can be found in many industries today, ranging from automotive, furniture, construction, and aerospace to shipping.

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