How to hide caller id on iphone

How to hide caller id on iphone?

Whatever the reason, we may want to call someone with the hidden number from our iPhone. Surely you have wondered if it is something complicated or if otherwise, it is a function that we can carry out comfortably. There is a very simple way to make a call with a hidden number on the iPhone without installing any app. Since what we use is a native tool from Apple’s own Smartphone to hide our identity when we are calling. Something that we can activate from the same keyboard like the iPhone.

how to change facebook page name

How to change facebook page name

When creating a Facebook page, you must choose a Name and a User Name for it in the configuration. Many people do not stop to fill in that information accurately and go ahead with creating the page that generates, over time, the need to change that data. Let’s see how to change facebook page name.

Can I recover deleted call history

Can I recover deleted call history

The mobile phone is now a reality that is part of everyday life for all of us. It is almost unthinkable to live without a cell phone or smartphone. The comforts they offer improve life, especially in terms of communication. Not only can we communicate easily with the world, but we can call at any time. The call log of a mobile device keeps track of the latest incoming and outgoing calls. A helpful reminder that keeps the most frequent numbers. Can I recover deleted call history? How to recover those numbers after deletion to remind us of the last contacts? We will find out in this guide.

Can I recover deleted call history?

Can I recover deleted call history

Install Dr.fone software

Often the numbers in the log belong to incoming calls. When someone calls us, his number remains in memory. It often happens with new contacts that we do not yet keep in the address book, but we intend to save. However, if we were to delete the register, we would lose this data. Is there any way to recover the lost numbers? Absolutely yes. We can do it safely and easily with computer software: dr. fone. It is a recovery tool that easily interfaces with Android mobile systems. It allows you to retrieve SMS and other data from a mobile phone, including the call log. We will be able to recover photos, videos, messages, documents, and audio.


We download dr.fone by first accessing its official page. We download the version that best suits us and our mobile phone. We install the application on the PC and start the program at the end. Before proceeding, let’s set our device on USB debugging mode (if Android). Let’s go to Settings> About. We quickly touch the “build version” item several times. An icon for our version will appear. Let’s go back to Settings and access the new “Developer options” item.

Connecting devices

We check “USB Debugging” and then connect the device to the PC via USB port. We pay attention to the correct connection of the cable and check the battery charge of our smartphone. The charge signal must not be less than 20%. Dr.fone will automatically detect our smartphone. Check the boxes corresponding to the data to be recovered (calls, messages, contacts, etc.). Finally, click on Next and then on Start. At the end of the analysis, the system will show all the results on the left. Make sure there is a tick on “Call log.” So let’s conclude the operation by clicking on “Recover.” The program will thus allow us to recover the call log and many other data from memory. Finally, let us remember that the downloadable version is free and limited. The full version can always be purchased through the official website.

Permanent deletion of recoverable data

We have just seen how it is possible to recover lost data, perhaps accidentally. This means that it is recoverable data. But what if, for privacy reasons, we want to delete them permanently? Well, once again, there is a method. Dr. Fone’s software will always help us with its function that removes the chosen data forever. Upon opening the program, we will see an icon among others: “Delete data,” with a caption below: “Permanently delete the data from your phone.” Once the connection is made via USB cable with the computer, we can click on the relevant icon. Optionally, there is the option of completely removing all phone data. In this case, the device will return empty data, as in the moment in its purchase. Or you can remove only certain data, according to your preferences: photos, videos, contacts, call logs, and so on. We always remember that their cancellation will be definitive.

Dr.fone is specific for all Android devices, including tablets. The software has a list with all devices compatible with it.

how to customize widgets on iphone

How to customize widgets on iPhone?

In general, Apple’s mobile devices and its IOS operating system are quite sophisticated in any of its versions. They have been a trend among consumers for some time due to their design and interface. Today, it is possible to create custom widgets in IOS with Widgetsmith to add a personal touch.

How to temporarily disable Instagram

How to temporarily disable Instagram

Instagram allows you to always stay in touch with people, organizations and events of your interest. Another side of the coin, increasingly felt by users, is its intrusiveness concerning our private life. Therefore the need arises, sometimes very strong, to temporarily distance himself from his account, both for a real digital detox and for the need to focus on other activities in a certain period of our life. This article will explain how to temporarily disable Instagram, guiding you step by step, whether you want to do it from your smartphone or your PC.

how to make an afk fish farm in minecraft

How to make an afk fish farm in minecraft

Do you want to know how to make an afk fish farm in minecraft? Then you are in the right place. Indeed, many do not give much importance to fishing in Minecraft, but the truth is that it has become more and more important with the new updates.

Thanks to fishing, you will be able to supply your food chest with the different fish you manage to obtain, but thanks to the new updates of Minecraft, you will be able to get many items that would otherwise be very difficult to obtain. Within Minecraft, we can do various things with materials such as stone, wood and others.

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How to make an afk fish farm in Minecraft?

The first thing you will need is 2 hatches. It is also necessary to have 8 blocks of any material you prefer, but they must be solid and a slab of the same material.

You will need a thread, which spiders give you. You also need a music box, 2 hooks, a hopper, a bucket of water, a chest, 2 Redstone powders, and a Redstone torch.

These are all the materials you will need. The truth is that it is quite simple. Inside Minecraft, we also find some secret maps and hidden worlds that you can have on your Mac or Windows computer.

how to make an afk fish farm in minecraft

How to build an automatic fishing farm?

It is important that you keep in mind that this construction is valid only for versions 1.14 and 1.15, and to take full advantage of the game, you can use both hands or the well-known secondary hand in Minecraft.

Step 1

The first thing you should do is place a hatch in the ground. Right next to the hatch, you must place a chest, then next to the chest, you must place the hopper and on it, you must place the second hatch. Then glued to the hatch, you must place the music box.

All these materials must be placed as if it were a ladder. To make it easier, you can guide yourself with the image below.

Step 2

It is time to place the solid blocks. Next to the second hatch above the hopper, you must place the slab, leaving a small space between it and the chest.

Now on both sides of the hopper, you must place 2 blocks respectively, and next to the column on the right, place 2 more blocks and it will be a kind of inverted L, as shown in the image. And next to the music box, place 3 more blocks.

Step 3

Now next to the slab, you must place a support block and on it another block. You can eliminate the one that is supporting. Now on that block left in the air, you must place a hook towards the music box and the second hook on the block that protrudes behind the music box.

In this same block that protrudes, you must place the Redstone torch on the right side and place the Redstone dust on the blocks on the floor that form the L. species.

Step 4

On the second hatch, you must place the water and on the hook, place the thread. You will be able to see how the hatch rises and is next to the music box. And basically, this is all you have to do.

With your fishing farm ready, you just have to find your best rod and place yourself on the hatch that is on the ground and start fishing. You must hit it so that the Redstone torch stays with a bug, which you want, and keep clicking.

And a little trick that will help you in this aspect is to press the command F3 + t. This will make a bar appear on your screen that you must let it fill and this will make you stay fishing without having to click.

Of course, if you move, this will be removed, you can leave it as long as you want and in the chest, you will see everything you have caught. If maybe you haven’t installed Minecraft

Instagram face filters not showing

Why Instagram face filters not showing?

Instagram is one of the most used social networks globally, as it currently has more than 500 million active users globally. Also, Instagram is one of the platforms that offer more games, tools and filters to users, and we will talk about these functions today. Has it ever happened to you that the same Instagram effects do not appear to you as a friend or follower? If the answer is yes, we will give you the solution to this problem with some step-by-step instructions and photos so that you can fix what is wrong with your application or device. Wondering Why Instagram face filters not showing?? Pay attention. We reveal it to you!

Why Instagram face filters not showing?

 Instagram face filters not showing


Before we start, we must clarify that there are two types of filters on Instagram: the filters that the platform allows you to choose before posting a photo on your feed and, the most popular, the Instagram Stories filters for your stories.

Although below we will offer you different solutions designed to make your Stories filters appear, the following instructions will help you recover or find any type of filter. However, before you start, you should learn how to search for filters on Instagram, since you may not know where the ones you specifically want are hiding. This can be done in two ways:

Effects Gallery

Through this browser, you will be able to see the entire catalog of available filters and get the one you like best:

  • On the initial page of your Instagram, click on the round button with the + button that you will find in the upper left. If you can’t find it, you can just swipe your finger to the right.
  • There you will find numerous filters that you can see by sliding your finger to the left.
  • Once you reach the end, you will find the magnifying glass icon to “Explore Effects.” Click on it to access the effects gallery.
  • Within the effects gallery, you will find the filters divided into numerous categories (moods, funny filters, science fiction and fantasy, color and light, filters for selfies …). When you find the filter you like the most, you can test it and save it by clicking on the name and “save effect.”

Grab another user’s filter

  • If you are looking at stories and suddenly see a filter that you like, you can take it and save it! You don’t have to go to the search engine.
  • At the top of the story, just below the username, you will find the filter’s name and its creator.
  • Click on the filter name and click on the “Save effect” option to store it in your own Instagram Stories gallery.


The first problem that can cause certain filters not to appear on Instagram has an outdated application. Most filters are available from version 10.21 of this App, so if you have very old devices or have not been updating the application, the new Instagram filters and effects will most certainly not appear. To check that you have the updated version of the application, you must follow these steps:

Updates on Android

Open Google Play.
Click on the three lines in the upper left corner of the screen to access the menu.
Access the “My applications and games” section and check if Instagram has any pending updates. If this is the case, install the latest version of the App.
If this is not enough, check if your Android device has a version higher than Android 5.0. The lower versions are not compatible with Instagram filters, so the application services will be limited. To update your Android operating system, follow these steps:

Go to Settings> System> About device> Software update.

Updates on iOS

Access the App Store on your device.
Click on “Applications”
Look for the Instagram App and check if you have any pending updates. In case it is so, feels free to update it. If these steps don’t work, you need to check your iOS device. Please note that versions lower than iOS7 on these devices are not compatible with Instagram filters.
To update your operating system, you must Access Settings> General> “Software Update.”
The new version of your device’s operating system will allow you to fully enjoy Instagram filters.

Clean your phone

One of the problems that can cause Instagram filters not to be displayed or stop appearing may be the lack of space on your mobile, so the solution is to free up space on your smartphone by deleting photos, videos, applications that you do not use, WhatsApp conversations, large files … many elements may be taking up a lot of space on your device and that you do not use or no longer need.

You can see in more detail the space your apps occupy on your mobile by going to Settings – General – Storage.
Once there, you can delete some apps or documents manually, or you can even select the option “Remove unused apps” so that the device does this work for you.

Clear the app cache

The cache of an application is those elements that accumulate in the temporary storage of a device and save data that improves the device’s performance. However, the accumulation of cache can interfere with an application’s performance, so we suggest you delete it so that the desired filters appear.

If you have an Android, you can follow these steps: Settings> Applications> Instagram> Storage> Clear cache. If you have an iPhone, the only option to clear the cache is to manually clear the App and download it again. Easy and effective!

Give permissions to Instagram

Many Instagram filters require the specific permission of the App to be able to use the camera, access the microphone, contacts … If you do not give these permissions to the application, the filters may not be active for you. You can check if you have given the proper permissions by doing the following:

  • Access Settings> Applications> Instagram> Permissions
  • Check that all app permissions are activated.

Internal faults

If you have tried some of the proposed solutions and the Instagram filters still do not appear correctly, it may be due to the application’s internal failure. In that case, we recommend that you uninstall the Instagram app from your device and reinstall it so that everything returns to normal. Simple but effective in some cases.

Reset the phone

If none of the proposed options have borne fruit and the Instagram filters still do not appear, there is no other choice but to make a drastic decision that can help you start from 0: reset the phone and return the factory settings. This can be useful, especially if the mobile operation is slow or it gives you constant failures. Of course, remember to make a backup beforehand so as not to lose your data.

Reset Android

Go to Settings> General administration> Reset> Factory reset.
Click on “restore factory settings” to format the phone and return it to factory settings.
Once you have restored everything, you will have to download the Instagram application again and install it.

Reset iOS

Go to Settings> Settings> General> Reset> Erase content and settings.
To continue, the device will ask you for Apple ID and password. Enter them.


how to teleport in minecraft

How to Teleport in Minecraft in Creative and Survival Mode

Teleporting (TP) in Minecraft is possible in a few ways. The game has a gigantic world of blocks to explore and sometimes the easiest and most accurate way to get around it is via teleportation or just TP. In creative mode, the player can TP in Minecraft at any time, but even in survival mode there is a more limited form of teleportation through the “Pearls of Ender”. Check out how to teleport in Minecraft in all its available versions, such as Xbox One, PlayStation 4 ( PS4 ), Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS ( iPhone ), PC ( Windows 10 ) and Java Edition.

The teleport command was added in Minecraft in some of the first versions of the game, more precisely as of update 1.10, and was activated by text chat with the / tp command. Over the years, teleportation has had its functions simplified and nowadays it even has a small interface menu to make things more intuitive.

This menu is available in the “Bedrock” versions of consoles, smartphones and Windows 10. Even with the new menu, the old text commands still work when used in the game’s chat window.

How to teleport in Minecraft in creative mode

how to teleport in minecraft

Step 1. Create a new world in the game’s Creative mode or enter a world already created in this mode;

Step 2. In your world, open the game’s text window. On consoles, just press the digital directional pad to the right. On Android and iPhone, click the speech bubble symbol at the top of the screen. In Windows 10 Edition and Java Edition press the T or Enter key;

Step 3. Click on the “/” bar icon to open a menu with several options;

Step 4. Select “Teleport” in the menu options;

Step 5. Select in the option “Who” your character to teleport him or another player who is in his game;

Step 6. Select “Where” if you want to teleport it to another player. Otherwise, proceed to the next step;

Step 7. If you want to know how to give TP in coordinates in Minecraft, press down after selecting the player to be teleported, to the text bar. There, complete the already written command “/ tp player’s name” with three X, Y and Z coordinates at the end separated by space. For example: “/ tp player name 200 100 300”, without quotes. Your character will be teleported to the X: 200, Y: 100 and Z: 300 coordinates;

Step 8. The X and Z coordinates determine the distance to which the player will be teleported, while Y determines his height. In the “Java Edition” version there is no menu to assist the player, the written command can be used normally;

Step 9. Instead of the player’s name, it is possible to use certain commands, such as / tp @a to teleport all players, / tp @e for all entities, / tp @p for the closest player, / tp @ r for a random player and / tp @s to select yourself without having to enter your player name. Do not forget to complete the coordinates, such as “/ tp @s 200 100 300”.

See how to kill the Enderman, who may drop the Ender Pearls, item needed to give TP in Minecraft survival mode

How to teleport in Minecraft in survival mode

how to teleport in minecraft

Step 1. The only item capable of teleporting in Survival mode is the “Ender Pearls” or “End Pearl”, obtained by killing the Enderman monsters;

Step 2. Wait for nightfall as Enderman only appears in the dark, which also includes caves. They are a bit strong, as well as having the ability to teleport to surprise the player. Initially their behavior is neutral, until the player looks them in the eye or attacks them, which can make them quite aggressive. Strike them in the legs and don’t try to use arrows;

Step 3. It is recommended to have at least an iron armor and sword to face them. There is a way to protect yourself, however, by creating an open structure just two blocks high. As Enderman are tall, three blocks tall, they do not enter these spaces and the player can still strike them;

Step 4. After defeating an Enderman, they will occasionally drop an Ender Pearl;

Step 5. Place the pearl between your items, point to the top and press the interaction button to throw it. Your character will be teleported to the location where the pearl falls and will suffer some damage from teleportation.


how to make a smoker in minecraft

How to Make a Smoker in Minecraft? 10 Secrets of Minecraft

You’re looking for a quick way to cook your food in Minecraft, but you don’t want to do it in a regular oven or smoker. Well, you are in luck, because today I will present how to make a smoker in Minecraft so that you can make a Minecraft smoker quickly and completely optimally.

How to make a Minecraft smoker?

In this smoker, you can cook up to 4 raw foods simultaneously, which can be used as a light source in the game. Another of its characteristics is that when lit, it will emit a column of smoke particles, for which a fireplace can be simulated with the smoke of a smoker.

This turns the smoker into a multifunctional source that you can use many times. These can be lit with a lighter or by shooting fire arrows at the stake, although they usually ignite when placed in the world. In case you want to turn them off, simply pour water over them or use a shovel to turn them off.

how to make a smoker in minecraft

What do you need to make a smoker?

To craft a Minecraft smoker, it is essential to know the materials needed to achieve the intended results. The necessary equipment will be:

  • Three rough wooden blocks, which can come from any tree in the game
  • Three units of wooden sticks
  • One unit of coal

You should place the wooden blocks on the bottom, the coal in the center and the three wooden sticks around the coal. This will result in the fire you need and is ready to go.

I hope this simple tutorial has been useful to you and that you can start using it to create your smokers in Minecraft in an effective way. So if you have the materials, try this technique right away.

10 secret things in Minecraft

A small but useful list in which we recommend ten secret tricks for your games of Minecraft.

how to make a smoker in minecraft

1. Torches create temporary air bubbles when used underwater. If you have gone too low during your marine exploration or have broken too many rocks during excavation and are about to be submerged in water, there is always this remedy. Open your inventory and select a torch to catch your breath temporarily, but be careful to place it right in front of you.

2. Torches can destroy blocks of sand or gravel: this is a trick that perhaps many already know, but know that you just need to place a torch at the base of a pile of sand or gravel blocks to see them all razed to the ground. A great way to save time.

3. The flashlights also serve as support: always, when dealing with sand and gravel blocks, place a torch under one of them to prevent it from falling. If you do not have a support or a base available, the torches can be used to not “melt” the blocks of this type.

4. Torches can be used as blocks: If you run out of blocks, you can always use the torches to take up space and continue your creations.

5. The stairs block the water and the lava: if you find yourself submerged by these two elements and you don’t know how to handle the situation, take a stair block and place it along the stream or the lava trail to stop the flow and stop the tragedy. That was about to fall upon your creation.

6. Blazes hate snowballs: if you want to get rid of one of these monsters, it’s much easier than you think. Use snowballs to destroy them and don’t “waste” precious resources with your bow and arrows.

7. “Soul Sand” can be a good way to create traps: use a block of “Soul Sand” to confuse enemies and block them in your creation.

8. In creative mode on PC, bring the object you aim/look at to your inventory.

9. You only need two water blocks to create infinite water: place two blocks of water in the middle of a sea of ​​sand, for example, to obtain your infinite water resource.

10. Place water on the grass to get rid of it: Are you creating a roof for your house and don’t want to get bored by cutting weeds? Throw some water on the grass blocks to get rid of them.

how to remove scratches from phone touch screen

How to remove scratches from phone touch screen

The unsightly and annoying consequence of using our mobile phone is wear. The scratches on display and the rest of the body, if they are superficial, do not alter the functionality. Still, they are often unsightly and everyone wants to get rid of it to restore your phone to the first purchase’s candid state characteristic. With this simple guide, you will learn how to improve the aesthetics of your phone, fight the effects of continuous use and remove annoying scratches.

How to remove scratches from phone touch screen?


In this case, the first precaution is not to use the one with micro granules, as it would further scratch the touch screen monitor of our mobile phone. Here too, as in the previous case, with a cotton swab or cotton wool, we will go to caress the scratch, which should be considerably reduced with the toothpaste’s action.

Displex paste

It is a type of transparent colored paste that can be found in all telephony businesses. This paste, placed on a soft cloth, possibly in microfiber, is used to remove scratches from the mobile phone: it must be applied in the scratch area, always rubbing in the same direction. The screen should then be cleaned with a soft, clean cloth, and again the scratch should have reduced its size.

Cerium oxide

It is an indispensable component for all detergents used for cleaning glass: all the solutions that include this component can be useful to the cause. In addition, this product is also available in powder form, and 100 grams applied to the scratch should give a fantastic effect, eliminating the scratch.

Car scratch removal creams

This method is a sort of last resort since the product’s application field in question is not telephony but cars. But, since the main reason for use is almost the same, spreading a scratch removal cream on cars could also give us good results.

Get some abrasive paste

The only thing we need is simply an abrasive paste. There are different brands. We can easily find them in a hardware store, hobby shops, DIY, do it yourself, etc … Eventually, it is possible to get help from the shopkeeper who will surely indicate the most suitable product for our purpose.

In addition to the abrasive paste, it is also possible to use the car paste. Used in very small doses, it performs this task very well. Another more “home-made” method, with which we can obtain excellent results, is toothpaste, which, thanks to the presence of a smoothing component, can replace the abrasive paste. When choosing, the utmost attention must be paid: toothpaste with micro granules must be strictly avoided as they would aggravate the problem by scratching the screen even more.

Apply the abrasive paste on the scratches

We move on to the practical part: we have the tube, we have our scratched mobile phone. Let’s see how to eliminate the scratches on its surface specifically. We squeeze a small amount of product on display (or on the affected area) and, with the help of a cotton swab, or with a cotton swab (even the disks used to remove make-up are perfect for this purpose) and begin to rub the material on the surface, applying light pressure.

At the end of this operation, let’s use a new disk or a soft cloth (a simple paper handkerchief is fine too) to remove the excess. We clean everything taking care not to leave residues. When finished, the situation should be markedly improved. If there is still some deeper imperfection that has not yet gone away, we can repeat the operation (which can be used for all touch devices).

Get a sturdy case

Obviously, this system does not allow us to work miracles. Still, it allows us to greatly improve our phone’s aesthetics by eliminating all those superficial scratches that are inevitable with use. Now, since prevention is better than cure, let’s get a specific case for our smartphone, and, more importantly, one of those protective films for the screen (you can also buy an entire sheet, to be cut out in the sizes we want. needed). And everything will return (almost) as new.