Windows 10 stagnates in the market share gained Blame the end of free updates?

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Windows 10 and takes time with us. A time that has served to ** know the good and not so good the operating system of Microsoft, which especially is possible impressions and feedback that are generated by users who install in their teams.

Number of facilities since it hit the market has been remarkable. First by the teams that were slowly including Windows 10 originally and primarily by the process of free update that allowed users of Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 could pass at zero cost.

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But this grace period, this period of time to update without costs, came to an end (in July 2016) and the end of it saw as first figures that reflect the market share of Windows 10 fell to globally. It was the first sign that something was changing and would have to make a longer – term study to see if the trend continued.

So back to sail the figures given from Netmarketshare for the month of October and see how although they have improved the earlier, continue to show that the upward curve is history and ecosystem manifests stagnation in growth of market share.

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Coinciding with the month of August and the end of the program to upgrade for free can be seen from the graph a slowdown as the adoption of Windows 10 is concerned. These figures have stabilized at around the 22% figures with variations ranging from 22.99% in August, to the 22.53% it won in September to 22.59% of the newly completed October.

So we see from upgrading to Windows 10 stopped being free penetration operating system has fallen overall 0.40%. This means you can so many Windows 10 computers are not sold as one might think at first that the strength of the growth could come given mainly by updates to users who already had a previous version.

Now Windows 10 must continue to grow without a safety net. From now on and waiting for the Creators Update only we see figures that mostly reflect the new teams coming to market, as it has been shown that previous updates step per box represent a figure considerably lower when compared to those with zero cost.Microsoft will continue to hold the top spot in terms of market share in desktop operating systems but now will do with much more mundane figures.

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