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Much has been said about the “intrusive” windows jumping just one load a web page or remains hunkered down to show when you leave. You should know that these windows can be very useful if they are used wisely and that is what we try to show in this note.

An advertisement displayed in a pop up window is the one that opens in a separate screen, of various sizes, and in certain circumstances such as: when you enter a site, during browsing or departure.

There is also the mode pop “under”, similar as to the mechanism (window opened), but in this case does not remain in the foreground but remains in the background, waiting for the main screen is closed.

The strategies that can be employed in relation to pop up windows are…

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1. Welcome and presentation

Many websites fail to significantly increase subscriptions to a newsletter users receive a pop up to invite them to perform that action. The strategy is complemented by a conditional offer of something that might interest the visitor and motivates him to leave their data.

This “boost” may be participation in a lottery, a gift book, technical report or any gift that you consider attractive. Is the classic model “give to get” and it works.

2. Reinforce the offer

When the visitor leaves the site without purchasing the product or service, you can use a pop under presenting additional information or a more persuasive way to reinforce the original offer material.

In this case not necessary that the window is small, but it can be a full page, where state clearly what is offered and the benefits you get. Do not forget to facilitate the conversion from visitor to buyer including a button “Order”, easy to locate.

It is normal for a vendor to customer withdrawal without buying the product, try the “last” resort and improve the initial offer. Here is the same.

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3. Expand the options

If someone leaves a site without purchasing the product that is being offered, it is because he was not interested, or not found what he wanted. Even in this case it is possible to turn a profit if, as output option is offered another product or service, you understand, different from the original, or even his third.

Of course, no pop window, you need to distract the customer at any time, much less when in the pages “critical”. It is vital that it does not cross with normal supply, but the customer is claiming the additional benefit him or feel somewhat disappointed.

To ensure that this does not happen, a detailed study to determine which pages are out of a site is required. Any program that analyzes log files can tell you this information and these are the pages where you place the script (code) to launch the interstitial.

Just keep in mind that you cannot harass visitors with windows that are jumping on every page they navigate. Cookies can help in this task, as they will let you know if the user was already exposed to advertising during that session. Always keep in mind that excessive bombardment of pop up windows can irritate your visitor and ultimately, those things are paid expensive in the network. Restraint and prudence will never be others.

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