8 strategies to improve your presence on social networks

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The growth of social networks is presented as an opportunity for companies to increase their customer base, however, a problem that can face those who want to succeed in the media is the oversaturation of information to which they are exposed all users those means.

Certainly, customers are there, but the question is how can you make to take into account a company? There are some ways, which we present below:

1. Partner with other companies

Most companies have contacts with other institutions. In the social field can take advantage of these relationships to create synergies and enhance mutual exposure.

For example, you can establish collaborative agreements to support an event, a contest or simply share the contents of each that way brands will benefit from additional exposure.

This cross marketing is not new; we see campaigns that product or event tickets are offered to purchase an item. Customers like to be offered something extra from time to time, so why not use it to improve positioning networks.

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2. Taking advantage of the channels themselves

Partner with another company can help increase brand awareness, the same as having an integrated all digital channels with the company strategy. For example, Web 360 Strategy design a message that is shared on social networks that according to our goals are the most appropriate, ensuring a consistent message for all audiences but optimized for each channel, which can help attract new followers .

4. Visual Content

The visual content tends to resonate better than texting social audiences do. A study reveals that the photos on the Facebook pages are 53 percent more “likes” and 104 percent more comments texting. Another study found that videos are shared 12 times more than links and text messages. Considering the above, it is highly recommended to upload visual content as much as possible, which may include videos, images or computer graphics.

5. Contests and Events

There is no better place to publicize an event or contest a social network. Each time a fan or follower enters the contest or is there some comment, the brand visibility increases. The contests have to be innovative and attractive, not necessarily have to give a big prize. For example, to reconnoiter on a page or make some discount, do not involve a large investment.

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6. Use tags: hashtags

Many social platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram or Google+, allow their members to use labels, called hashtags, to mark keywords or topics. This feature can help members of social networks to present specific topics related messages.

To take advantage of labels there are two strategies:

  • The creation of tags to generate trends
  • Mounted on popular hashtags and ride the wave of comments.

Regardless of which is taken in both cases, should make comments that may generate interest, coincidences, or in some cases, generate some controversy.

7. Advertising in social networks

While not all social networks offer advertising options, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn provide a variety of ad formats and tools, which may work for some companies.

For example, Twitter provides a platform for self-service advertising for small businesses but not available to all. For its part, Facebook offers a variety of ad formats including display ads and sponsored stories, among others.

8. Buttons to social networks

Finally yet importantly, it is recommended that all buttons for social networking portals are included, so you can share all digital content.

A unified digital strategy

It is noteworthy that for these strategies to be successful, you must identify what content is the most relevant and interesting to the target audience. Design a message that is attractive is the key to run all the above tips.

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