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Although, creating or building a website needs lot of efforts and time, but maintaining it is also not an easy task. It is very essential to maintain your website if you want to keep it from becoming stagnant and prevent losing visitors. Website maintenance involves continuous updating with fresh content, preventing it from broken links, sloppy code and makes it innovative from time to time by introducing new features in it for the visitors to explore. Let’s look at the few essential strategies that can be used for website maintenance:

1. Look for errors: Some websites do not pay attention on the broken links and as a result when a visitor visits the website and click on it, he gets nothing else but to read, “404 page not found” error. This does not leave a good impression on a visitor and he may prohibit from visiting your website in the future. Website errors such as broken links can desperately annoy visitors making them look for other sites. There might be certain businesses that may have closed down which were once linked to your site. Such kind of links can cause broken links to appear. It is important to keep a track on such activities and check for broken links every month.

2. HTML codes:  It is important to write clean and error free html codes to prevent any kind of negative effect on your search engine rankings. Your ranking can suffer from improper or incomplete tags placed by your webmaster.

For example:

<p this is the most searched keyword phrase

‘Note: The P tag above is missing a closing bracket.

The code should rather be written as:

<p> this is the most searched keyword phrase

Apparently, the search engine will only read the keyword-rich text as attribute of the paragraph tag and ignore it. As we all know that the search engines spider text should be highly visible at the top of your web page, you will very clearly lose the opportunity to gain high search engine rankings.

3. Update your website regularly: Make sure you add fresh content to the website on daily basis to improve your search engine ranking. To get your website among top search results it is important to update or change the content on your web pages on regular basis.

4.  Monitor web site rankings: Monitoring the web site ranking is one of the most important parts of website maintenance. Without performing this step you may never be able to understand the reason of drop in sale and demand of your products and services. It is necessary to stay up to date with the changes in search engine and make adjustments accordingly.

5. Keep a track of website statistics: Monitor the number of visitors visiting your website on daily, monthly and yearly basis. This will help you to make strategies accordingly to increase the traffic on your website. Your host can provide you with lots of details that will help you to make further decisions such as the location of maximum number of visitors, keywords used to find the web site etc.

6. Innovation in web designs: Design of your website plays an important role in attracting and holding customers on the site. Try to make some changes in the designs of your web page or look of your site on periodic basis. Do not play with the basic theme of the website while making changes. You can consider adding more images, change the color of the links, or add certain features which were not included in your Web Design Leicester earlier. You can also make some changes in the fonts and presentation of blog and articles.

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