5 Great Suggestions for Freelance Web Designers

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Freelance web designers are often thought as being those free individuals that are their own bosses and do what they want, when they want, how they want. However, this is only an outsider’s point of view, and this freelance job is actually as demanding and challenging as any other, if not more. In order to be a great freelance web designer, and get more clients and more money, the following ideas may be of some help.

1. Get your work known through magazines and other professional publications

Even if you already have a great reputation among your customers and you have plenty of work on your hands, it does not hurt to make your work known. A great design that is worth including in the pages of a magazine addressed to this industry can bring you even more recognition, and, most of all, will add to the weight of your portfolio and your CV. Having work published in professional magazines will recommend you for higher paid jobs and your career will experience a boost.

2. Join a community of web designers

Knowing the tools of the trade is not enough. There can be plenty of things you do not know and you want to learn about, and there is no better way to do that than by joining a community of web designers where a lot of ideas and information are exchanged on a daily basis. This way, you can keep yourself up to date and it will be easier for you to corner the market, if you have the proper know how.

3. Start your own designer’s blog

While you can be reached through various venues in order to get projects, it does not hurt to start your own blog and show your design ideas there. You can use your blog to communicate with potential clients, with other designers and with other people that might be interested in your work. You will also contribute to your professional status by showing interest in your profession. Your blog can also serve as a veritable showcase for your works.

4. List your portfolio on important websites

As a freelance web designer, you may be well aware that there are plenty of websites out there that showcase the works of people just like you. Your interest is to get your work listed on those websites, so you need to put together your portfolio and get it there, where you are sure that will get you plenty of exposure. When a client asks to see your works, you can always send them a link to these professional websites.

5. Post your designs to design galleries

Another method to make yourself known as a freelance web designer is to post your designs to design galleries. These design galleries are a great tool for getting the word out on what a great artist you are and, again, an opportunity to show your potential clients your work. Getting listed on galleries can bring you more attention and more recognition, as well.

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