95% of consumers see analysis and reviews online

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Check reviews online is a step in the buying process, especially essential when it will make a big payout or a product that has never been seen in person buys. No need no study to confirm it, everyone knows from his own experience that the opinions of other consumers contribute to give credibility to the brand and make us feel safer while shopping online. At the end of the day, who has never consulted one review before buying a product?

Analysis and reviews online
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Virtually the consumer does not exist, because according to a new report by PowerReviews reviewed by RetailWire, 95% of consumers turn to the reviews regularly, and about a third (24%) see these online opinions systematically every online purchase you make. In total, 86% of respondents said the reviews were essential to making purchasing decisions. Which it places as the second most influential factor in shopping, just behind the price.

What’s more, 56% of consumers specifically looking websites with online analysis and reviews, and actively seeks out of the store itself if there is not any opinion about the product you’re buying. It is important that retailers take this into account, since the consumer who goes in search of reviews elsewhere, cannot return. In that sense, encourage writing the reviews becomes essential.

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Consumers need motivation to write their opinions about products

Obviously, for a web count with criticism of products, you need someone to write. And although more and more consumers who leave their opinion on the articles, they are still less than half: only 42% of consumers write reviews, and also do not on every product they buy.

In fact, when the retailer expressly asks the consumer to leave a review after a purchase, only between 3% and 10% access to. On average, it is estimated that a consumer who does write reviews it does only once every 4 to 14 purchases.

The strange thing is that the millennials, who are most interested in reading reviews, are also less write. Thus, among young people only write reviews 32%, while the most active demographic group between 45 and 60 years, in his case, 49.3% leave reviews on websites.

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When you asked users why not leave reviews online, the majority (55%) says-and need some motivation was a reward or at least some recognition- to waste their time on it. The challenge for companies is, therefore, to find strategies that encourage consumers to write reviews at least for certain key products.

And do not be afraid of negative reviews, as another report PowerReviews had already determined that, in perspective, negative opinions serve to increase consumer confidence on positive reviews, and show that the web is not manipulating or hiding information.

Finally, it should be noted that the reviews are not equally important in all categories, but consumers give special importance on purchases that involve considerable expense as electronics, appliances and computers, as well as baby products, because that parents are careful to buy the right and safe for your small items.

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