What industries are outperforming their strategies in social networks?

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Fashion, insurance and entertainment lead the growth in number of followers in the last year.

Social networks have become an essential channel for most companies and B2C and few brands that do not have any social network profile. Of course, all companies are developing a social media strategy does not mean that all get the same result.

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Thus, a new report from TrackMaven that analyzes the use of social networks by companies during this 2015 reveals which industries they are getting the highest ROI in both growing number of followers and engagement ratio in the main are social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn).

And the sectors that are outperforming are those of clothing, insurance and entertainment: They have experienced both high growth in the number of followers and the number of interactions, showing that publish contents with a great impact on social media. The case of fashion brands is especially significant since the average growth in number of fans (of any brand) is 18’62%, a very good percentage when you consider that it is a sector which already has very large audiences on social platforms.

It also draws attention to a large growth in audience is not directly related to an increased engagement: the hotel companies achieved the highest growth in 2015 (one 53’34% on average, well above any other sector analyzed), but nevertheless their engagement ratios are rather discreet, which shows that not enough consumers get fans of a brand are made ​​to heed updates that mark. Otherwise sector would find automotive, with a percentage of average growth (around 16%) achieved the highest ratios of interaction with their followers.

Finally, the food industry (food and drink) are the only ones who have experienced negative growth during 2015, which is reflected even in big brands like Coca-Cola, who suffered a slight decline in the number of followers in recent months.

What social networks work best in each sector?

We have already seen the industries that have experienced higher growth in social networks this year, but keep in mind that not all have the same presence on different platforms, not all work the same.

The report also reveals some interesting facts about the preferred by consumers to follow their favorite brands social channels. Facebook is in all sectors analyzed the platform that brings together major brand hearings, but fashion companies and auto bet on the variety, and get a striking number of fans also on Instagram and Twitter. Thus the fashion industry gets first place in number of fans on Instagram, Twitter the second and third in Facebook. In the case of automotive brands achieved the No. 1 spot in number of fans on Twitter, the second in Instagram, and the second also on Facebook. It is not surprising; therefore, that these are two industries that got better during 2015 of their social media campaigns.

Another interesting fact is that, when following marks on Linkedin, consumers tend to the consumer products sector, which achieved an audience 5 times greater than that of any other sector.

And the most popular social network corresponds to one in which publications get greater engagement? No: in most sectors is the social network Instagram is getting, today, better engagement rates, and interestingly, the second is better options, despite being more minority (and in the case of consumer products and telecom is more channel options ROI).In contrast, the ratio of negative interaction is especially on Twitter, where for most brands -of different sectors- interaction round 1 post per 1,000 followers.

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