What Can You Do With The Google Home Mini?

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The Google Home Mini has the Google Assistant feature and is the smaller version of the smart speaker. He can already be ordered in the Netherlands and on 24 October voice control is available in Dutch. In this article we discuss what you can do with the Google Home Mini.

How does the Google Home Mini work?

The Google Home Mini is a small device that you can easily place in your living room. You can easily install the device with an app on your phone. iPhone users can also use this. It is wise to place the home mini at hearing distance, but the smart speaker must always be connected to the mains so you cannot place it anywhere in the house. The Google Home Mini activates when you say “Hey Google” or “OK Google” and then you can ask a question or give an order. You can recognize whether the Home Mini has heard your assignment from the LED lights on top of the speaker. Are the LED lights blinking? Then the Home Mini has heard you and starts working with it.

Which assignments can you give to the Google Home Mini?

The Google Home Mini contains a number of useful supports and is a nice addition to modernizing your home. You can give these assignments to the Google Home Mini.

Google Home Mini

Asking questions

It is possible to ask personal and general questions to the Google Home Mini. For example, you can ask how many inhabitants the Netherlands has or what week it is. But also personal questions such as whether there is traffic jam on the way home or the naming of your appointments, provided they are in the Google calendar. In the US it is even possible to mention the smart speaker which movies are running tonight and then have a ticket ordered. Perhaps this will soon be available in the Netherlands.

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Stream music or videos

If your TV is connected to a Chromecast screen, you can order it to play a Netflix series or to stream videos from YouTube. This works through voice command or via the Google Home app on your phone. It is also possible to play music via the Home Mini, however the quality of the sound is not very special. For a nice and clear sound you will have to purchase the Google Home Max. However, it is possible to connect your current speakers via a Chromecast audio with the Google Home Mini. You can play music with the following services.

  • Spotify
  • Google paste music
  • YouTube

It is not possible to play music through Apple Music.

Automate your home with Google Home Mini

The Google Home Mini is very suitable for controlling devices that also support Google Home. There are more than 1500 devices from more than 200 different brands that support Google home. With the Philips Hue you can, for example, connect your lighting to the Google home mini and also operate the lights with this. For example, you can use the voice command to dim the lights, turn off lighting and change color. You can also connect robot vacuum cleaners, smart fridges and other household appliances with the Google home mini as long as they support Google home.

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