How to create a secret conversation on Facebook Messenger

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Facebook has made available to all users a system to encrypt conversations on Messenger. Find out the details in the article.

Probably you too, like the other 20 million a month, use Facebook Messenger to send messages to your contacts. A technology that has been able to create a secret conversation between users has recently been developed. Let’s find out how.

Facebook Messenger is one of the most popular applications in the world to send photos, documents, videos, calls, positions via GPS, audio files, and recently even GIF images.

But, for various reasons, you may need to keep your conversations secret with some contacts in order to keep them away from prying eyes.

If you are part of these users, then the new Messenger feature will change your day. Here’s how to give life to a secret and protected conversation on Facebook Messenger. If you particularly care about your privacy, in another short monster guide how to hide the list of your friends and the accepted friendships on Facebook.

How the secret and protect conversation works

Facebook a few weeks (at the time of writing the article) has finished testing the news of the “secret conversation” for all its 900 million contacts using Messenger. The feature allows users to encrypt messages so that no one else can read them (except for the interlocutors involved in the conversation).

Not even Facebook or the Law Enforcement. The update is available on iOS and Android. In practice, after starting a protected conversation, it will be viewable ONLY from the device on which this function has been activated. No one else can ever read it.

Facebook Messenger

Create a secret conversation on messenger

  • Update your Facebook Messenger application if you do not have the latest version
  • Select the contact with whom to start a secret conversation
  • Click on the top center of the name of the interlocutor
  • From the menu that appears select “Secret conversation”
  • Choose “OK”

As you can see, the procedure is quite simple. Within a secret conversation, each message exchanged is protected by end-to-end encryption. This means that the messages, as I said before, are readable only by you and the recipient.

Moreover these messages will not be displayed in Facebook chat from PC, but only from the application for iOS and Android.

In practice, on Messenger, two different chats will appear. A classic and viewable by anyone who enters your account, and another that will appear ONLY from your device on which you have activated this feature.

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Keep in mind that in a secret conversation you cannot create group messages or send GIFs, videos and make video calls / phone calls. Instead, you can send messages, images and stickers.

How to send messages that authenticate

A very interesting feature that has been added in secret conversations is the ability to send messages that self-delete or self – destruct.

These messages, once sent, can be viewed on the device of the sender and the recipient only for a certain period of time (seconds or minutes), after which they will be deleted and therefore no longer accessible by anyone. Very useful function, for example, when sending passwords, PIN codes and other sensitive data.

To send self-destructive messages you must first have activated the secret conversation. Afterwards, in the chat, you will see a timer icon above the thumb button on the right of the screen. At this point set the timer choosing a range between 5 seconds and one day, write the text and send. At the end of the selected time, the message will disappear forever.

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