How can CCTV Surveillance Systems improve security?

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Closed-circuit TV (CCTV)surveillance systems have advanced tremendously in the past decade. Not only has their individual capability improved, but they can also be interfaced with other security technologies.

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Initially, CCTV systems were merely a deterrent. It was enough for people to behave properly if they knew “Big Brother” was looking. CCTV systems have become so commonplace that their novelty has worn off, and they are less effective as a deterrent. This is especially true for violent crimes or illegal entry.

The Changing Uses of CCTV Surveillance System
CCTV surveillance systems are now a forensic tool, which means they collect evidence after an incident has taken place. This is because recording and storage technologies, as well as software like video analytics, have become more efficient. For advice on CCTV Installation Cheltenham, visit

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As CCTV surveillance systems are more easily integrated into monitoring devices, alarms systems, and access control systems, a third application of CCTV is growing in popularity: helping security personnel identify and stop security breaches before they happen.

Intelligent video algorithms such as motion detection can detect unusual walking patterns, alerting a guard to monitor a specific video screen. Object-recognition algorithms can detect someone loitering or a briefcase, or any other suspicious item that has been left in an unsuitable place. The system can also alert a guard to take appropriate action.

Facial recognition is the most advanced algorithm for intelligent video. Most experts believe that this technology will not be used in the private sector for several years.

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