Essentials to pack for a winter weekend getaway

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Planning a winter weekend getaway? Whether you’re hitting the slopes for some skiing or simply need a sweater for ice skating, winter essentials will have you covered. This packing list is designed to help you organise your wardrobe and pack smartly for cold weather trips.

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When it comes to travelling in winter weather, layering is key! While it may be tempting to pack heavy sweaters and long sleeve tops, make sure to choose lightweight and easily washable items. It is also recommended to opt for breathable and moisture wicking merino wool pieces. These fabrics will keep you warm and dry during your adventures while avoiding any itchiness. For fisherman sweaters for women, consider a site like

Don’t forget to include coats and jackets for your cold weather outfits especially if your destination is snowy or wet. Trench coats and teddy coats are perfect for creating layered looks while down jackets and parkas are ideal for activities. If space is a concern consider a jacket that can be rolled tightly to fit into your suitcase.

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Winter breaks call for sturdy footwear like boots. It’s important to select a waterproof pair that will keep your feet warm and dry, in the face of snow, rain and slush. If you plan on spending time in snow, consider investing in insulated snow boots that can easily fit into your case. Additionally, having a pair of hiking boots is an idea for those who seek more daring day trips during their getaway.

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