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78% of companies Instagram updated every day, and 64%, Facebook. Social networks have become an absolutely essential tool for brands found on these platforms a direct and natural channel to communicate with consumers. If until very recently many companies do not know quite what to do on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, more and more companies willing to get the best out.

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A proof of this is that a large majority of the brands on social networks postean daily. But compared to what one might think, is not Facebook Platform why more companies are betting. Facts L2 Think Tank, collected by eMarketer, show that a 64’7% of firms are posting daily updates on Facebook, but there are many more who post daily on Instagram: A 78.4%.

Twitter, for its more immediate nature, also beats Facebook, but not Instagram: the 74’6% of the brands published daily.

Do not jump to conclusions and think that Instagram is the most popular social network among companies: it is certain that many more remain present in Facebook about Instagram, and among small businesses, the difference is even more significant.

What is not in doubt is that brands are increasingly turning to social networks in order to increase user engagement and brand awareness multiply. And considering that the ratios of engagement are, by far, far superior to Instagram, it makes sense to want to be very present in the visual app for excellence.

In addition, manufacturers are no longer satisfied with being present in social networks, but also want to use as an advertising channel more. That investment has made social networks dedicated to rise at a dizzying pace, and during 2016, will also Instagram one of the protagonists of this trend.According to a survey by eMarketer, 72% of companies are interested in devoting part of their advertising budget to Instagram, showing the potential of this network.

Instagram, the most interesting platform to target teenagers

If you are already brands that use Instagram to Facebook daily, the situation is even more exaggerated among companies that target a younger audience, as was confirmed in another study recently L2. Thus, if in 2014 Facebook was the social network that monopolized as many updates during 2015 was the darling Instagram for these young brands, with an average of 10 weekly updates (versus 7 in Facebook).

This is mainly due to two reasons: the obvious, which with increasing the average age of users of Facebook (from 29 years in 2009 to 40 in 2015), declining interest among teens, who found other platforms now they seem “cool” and with which they feel most identified. One of them is certainly Instagram, whose average age is 30 years.

But above all this movement responds to certain saturation of Facebook, where the organic range is getting smaller, and interaction ratios down month by month. Instagram also the engagement has begun to fall as a result of increased brand presence, but at the moment it is still much higher than the network of Mark Zuckerberg.

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