Reviews and analysis

Why is increasingly relying on reviews and analysis online videos before buying ?

When you do not know how a product you bought, when looking how to adapt it to their own needs or when you simply want to access more information about it to use works best, one of the tools that are often used is to lay hands on internet especially the videos that someone answers all these questions. YouTube (more usually) has become a kind of oracle who ask about anything from how to change a gas cylinder to how to use a blender or how to improve the results of this food processor that have given us.

But the fact is that the role of videos in the life of the products is not limited only to the time later. And we use that information not only as a support that will help us to better understand how to use it, how to make best game or how to solve this question that gnawed at us about how the product should be used. Videos that other consumers have made (and brands that have been able to see how they were beginning to change operating modes of things have begun to produce skillfully) no longer limited to be an emergency tool to better understand how they work the things or how to use them. Its influence has begun much earlier and begins to be very present in virtually all the buying cycle. Videos are the new guide to discover the products and decide if that’s what we want or what not.