Digital marketing

Companies are aware that they must improve digital marketing experience

One of the common complaints of consumers is that the ads are downright bad. In general, consumers do not like throwing messages brands and are not interested in the formats used to connect with them. Their complaints are almost always focusing on brands that are very heavy, their spam messages too and employ over and over again the same tricks. Consumers are fed up with strategies provided are especially upset with what brands are doing on the Internet, where annoying practices seem to have multiplied a thousand (at least from the consumer perspective). The surfer bother advertisements chase through the network, which are deployable and annoying, which are hidden in the middle of the text of the news or those that are virtually impossible to close.

Consumers are pretty fed up with advertising and actions that brands continue to connect with them is no secret, but the fact is that brands also seem to be increasingly aware of this state of things. On the one hand, consumers are increasingly active in expressing their lamentations and also make more and higher. On the other hand, and as evidenced in a recent interview, Ignacio Linares, CEO of Paytime app, tools that stop ads and become a kind of border between brands and consumers are also increasingly recurrent (there are the adblockers and its rate of use more and higher). And it is that “users ‘Adblockers’ grow rapidly because the advertising model is incompatible with the digital world”