HP assails the premium range with new models of their Spectre x360, Laptop ENVY, ENVY AIO and ENVY Display

HP has just introduced its new premium line of computer products. This is the new version of its convertible Spectre x360, laptop ENVY Laptop, and All-In-One, the ENVY AIO. These three devices will be accompanied by a new and powerful monitor they have called ENVY Display.

The brand has launched a path to reinvention, ensuring they have learned from experience and that his intention is to climb the highest quality to stifle criticism of yesteryear. To do this they will ensure the most of their upper ranges, paying special attention to improve security and to ignore the media and users feedback.

During the presentation HP has said that its strategy of reinventing based on three fundamental pillars: quality / price, increased innovation and focus on the future looking disruptive products. They have also expressed a particular interest in giving a generational leap and get closer to the so-called Millennials.