How ICT can help your business grow

Businesses can improve the efficiency of different business processes – production, sales and administration – reduce costs and increase their competitiveness through the use of Information Technology and Communication (ICT). In addition to improving the efficiency of business processes, the use of ICT is particularly important for marketing and sales for search and communication with suppliers and customers and for continual learning entrepreneur and company staff.

What ICT?

When we talk about ICT almost always we relate the term with computers. In fact, computers are now the most important in the field of information and communication technology tools. However, the concept of ICT includes other equipment that perform different functions. Among modern computers are mobile phones, fax, image projectors, payment processors, credit card and electronic agendas. But already they existed long before conventional telephones, typewriters, calculators, copiers, radio and television, which are means for communication, processing and information management. They make up what we call ICT, and all have been mainly used in companies to make their operations more quickly and efficiently.