Retro triumphs

Retro triumphs: People who love old consoles are creating new games for them

Nostalgia is a powerful selling point. And if not tell that to the NES Mini that console that right now is getting complicated by the brutal demand. The success has led to revive other old consoles, but do not come back alone.

The truth is that love for these machines has made their user communities keep them alive by fervent activity that is going beyond some time: there who is dedicated to program new games for these old consoles and distributes those original cartridges. Hallucinatory!

Someone is currently programming in assembler for the Mega Drive

This is the case of ‘Tanglewood’, a game for the Sega Mega Drive (aka Sega Genesis) will arrive in November 2017 and whose developer, a Briton named Matthew Phillips, has spent five years working on it.

For this devotee Mega Drive user the project returns him to his childhood, and he is following all the steps that would follow a developer of the time to carry out the project. In fact a console for developers who took a year to use bought. It had to buy several cables and components, besides the manuals and even a software license to be able to use that console legally.