Surface Studio is complicated to repair, we are only allowed to change hard disks

Despite his youth I think almost everyone knows what is Surface Studio, this is a new step for Microsoft in creating hardware, showing partners how well they can do things as recognizable or expanded in the market as a computer all in one. By design, specifications, or accessories, it has few rivals in the market.

When a device is so striking, as reflected in size, always strikes us see what is inside, what engineers have used their wiles to get everything you need to function in the desired shapes. This type of work helps us to understand the people of iFixit, each device that hits the market, it takes little to crumble.

Why deny it, we were waiting for this opening, in addition to wanting to see what it is, to discover if we were to find something special. The reality is that there are not many surprises, and can confirm usual in this type of gadgets: difficult to repair, much more to update …