How to Reverse a Video Using Movavi Video Editor

One of the more interesting and situational types of video effects out there has definitely go to be the ‘reverse playback’ effect. As you can guess it basically involves playing a video in reverse (i.e. from the end to the beginning), so all the action in it takes place backward.

How technology is changing home security

The constant progression of technology has brought a wave of changes to the way we live, including the evolution of home security. Image Credit Smart sensors and locks Digital locks will register when you’re returning home and unlock the door via Bluetooth from your key fob or mobile. More advanced

What do you need to know about landing pages?

Your website probably has a homepage, a contact page and an about page – but does it have a landing page? Image Credit Here is everything that you need to know about landing pages and how they can improve your marketing campaign. How is a landing page different to a

How to use Google DNS? What advantages have to use Google DNS?

Google DNS

Most of us use the Internet every day without realizing the enormous amount of systems, networks and servers that operate in the shade to bring the different online services directly to our screens. One of these essential technologies for navigation but little known by the general public is DNS (Domain Name System), which usually comes

What programmer tools do you use?

programmer tools

Although software is an intellectual discipline, every programmer who values ​​himself uses a multitude of tools in his daily life. As if it were a craftsman, the programmers tried to choose the tools that best fit our hands. We spend many hours with them so we like that the tool is to