CFD Trading for Beginners – Potentials and Risks

The world of CFD trading may appear like a dark forest to some in comparison with familiar financial trading options. This is an attempt to explain this form of trading and point a way through that forest. It can hold great rewards for those who are willing to venture in

Tips to Set up an E-commerce Website

Setting up an e-commerce website can be daunting. A lot of people may try to convince you that it’s easy, but once you start the process, you find it takes more resources than it initially seemed. This isn’t to scare you away – setting up an e-commerce store is still

Why Leaning More about Blogging Is Important

The world of blogging has no limitations and boundaries. With a global reach, the idea of blogging has arrived to stay here longer.  No matter what you do, and what your skills and knowledge are about, you can always share your inspirations, experiences, and passions in writing with people. Blogging

This is Google’s processor for artificial intelligence and machine learning

Googles processor

Although not given the hype it deserves, the whole industry is aware that Google is developing its own hardware: processors with which to accelerate algorithms that work artificial intelligence and ‘machine learning’. This new Google processor was introduced last year during the Google I / O developer event. It responds

Understanding VoIP

Small businesses today need to stay up-to-date on changes in the tech world and how these changes can help bring down costs and improve productivity. One of the largest growing sectors for tech-based office solutions is VoIP as companies get rid of antiquated phone systems and integrate their communications system

What Does it Take to Be a Good Project Manager?

Whether you run an online marketing company, a web design firm, or manage a team performing social media marketing, you’ve likely realised that managing takes up a large part of your day.  It is impossible to do everything yourself, and you need to be able to delegate to other people

6 Ways to Make Your Social Media Page Stand Out


Online marketing offers business owners a great opportunity to expand their client base fast. Most business owners spend time designing and optimizing their websites and apps but give little attention to their social media pages. In fact, some businesses have had the same cover photo and profile picture since they