Would you be able to overcome a Google job interview? Here are some of your usual questions

Google job interview

When one thinks of job interviews of a large technology company like Google, it is inevitable to believe that this is reduced to mathematical or programming issues. Although technical knowledge is extremely important, so is our ability to solve complex imaginary problems. Let’s talk straight out. These are more or less complicated puzzles that

Why Responsive Website Design is a Flexible and Affordable Solution

A beautifully designed website which cannot be viewed across other devices apart from a laptop is wasted on a lot of levels. More and more people are viewing their mails, checking online stores and getting other relevant information on the move through more portable devices such as mobile phones and

Your website must be optimised for mobile. Here’s why.

Here are four reasons that your website should be mobile-ready. Image Credit Mobile/tablet usage is booming. More than half of all online shopping purchases are now made on a mobile device rather than a PC or a laptop. Almost three quarters of the UK population have a mobile device, and

What matters most in a video game, story or graphics?

video game

Video game lovers attend a truly golden era in which we mostly enjoy options. Options that cover all kinds of genres and approaches and that nevertheless make us consider if in video games of success matters more history or graphics. They are two of the big variables that usually turn

Preparing For An Important Work Meeting


Talking in front of people isn’t everyone’s favorite activity. It’s nerve-wracking and you know you’ll have to spend a lot of time preparing. There are times when we’re called to participate in events at work that we’d rather not engage in for our own sake, however, we don’t always have

CFD Trading for Beginners – Potentials and Risks

The world of CFD trading may appear like a dark forest to some in comparison with familiar financial trading options. This is an attempt to explain this form of trading and point a way through that forest. It can hold great rewards for those who are willing to venture in