What is a power flush and do I need one

Your boiler is the key to hot water and heating in your home. It is vital to take care of the boiler and make sure it is maintained correctly with an annual service. But even with annual servicing, debris and dirty water can build up in a system, and this

Digital drawing: Why you should start using a tablet to draw?

Digital drawing

Not long ago, many illustrators and designers worked with pencil on paper. They needed different materials like pencils of different types and thicknesses, colored pencils and other tools. Making corrections was a somewhat complicated task. When specialized illustration software like Adobe Illustrator appeared, many of these artists decided to migrate

What is the digital workplace?

Now that technology plays such a big role in our lives, it makes sense that the workplace would follow suit. It is no wonder, then, that the digital workplace has fast become the complementary side to the conventional office. Encapsulating many different modes of technology and ways of working, the

How to remove password from windows 10

Having a password on your computer increases the security of the data it contains. However, if you prefer, you can have the session automatically started as soon as you turn on your PC, without the need for a password. We tell you how to remove password from windows 10.

Will Libra dethrone Bitcoin as the king of crypto?

It is fair to say that cryptocurrencies have really taken off in popularity during the last few years. The real driver behind this has been the stellar rise of the premier digital currency, Bitcoin. Although it took a few years to pick up steam, Bitcoin has been on something of

7 Best laptop under $600

Best laptop under $600

If you ask any laptop enthusiast what he thinks while buying a laptop, he / she will tell you the best performance, appearance and configuration within their budget. Although this may be the story of every laptop buyer, but all that shines is not gold. If your budget isn’t limited

Is your website trekking in the right direction?

Whether you are a die hard ‘trekkie’ or not, Captain James T. Kirk is a household name. He was the Captain of the USS Enterprise, Starfleet in the fictional series Star Trek (just in case you need reminding). Played by William Shatner since 1966, he is an iconic image of