This helmet is deformed to protect the brains of football players

Football Helmet

For several years, the NFL has faced accusations from retired players who say the league has not made ​​to prevent players suffer brain damage . This has led to a vigorous debate accusing the NFL of hiding information and cases of players who have died from diseases related to brain damage. Increased concussion

HoloLens will reach 5.5 hours of autonomy, working to improve the field of vision


The future that he’s up to Microsoft to HoloLens looks spectacular, while the majority stake to 100% by virtual reality, they think they have to play with a couple of realities, virtual above, and increased, a whole town itself. There is much to be done here, until we have one at home, also check how

How many people paid for WhatsApp?


A few hours ago we echoed from which is poised to be one of the news of the week: WhatsApp left to charge 99 cents a year that was set as “standard” rate (and I say “standard” because not everyone had to pay). But there are people who really paid? That seems to have