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If you run your own business you are probably aware of the importance of ensuring that you keep up-to-date financial records, but one area of business finances that sometimes gets forgotten is that of keeping receipts for items that you have purchased. If you find yourself struggling under a mountain of invoices and receipts you can work with a Bookkeepers Chelmsford way such as to have your bookkeeping completed for you.

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Here are some receipts that often get forgotten.

Parking – when attending business meetings it is common for people to pay for parking. These amounts soon start to build up and it is important that you keep receipts for any parking. If you pay for your parking using an app you can use any email receipts that are sent as evidence of your payment for accounting purposes.

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Stationery – if you ever run out of paper for your printer or need a new diary or some pens, it can be tempting to grab some whilst you are at your local supermarket. Whilst there is nothing wrong with this you should try to ensure that you keep a separate receipt that you can use for your finances.

Accommodation – if you have to stay away for business make sure that you keep receipts for the accommodation and any food that you buy whilst you are away.

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