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Have you ever wondered who responds comments on the walls of Facebook of the big brands? Who takes the time to manage important accounts? Although it may seem incredible, there is a person behind those functions, and is called Community Manager.

Among the companies it emerged a few years ago this figure that, with the advancement of technology and the impact of social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram- is not only important, but essential to manage brands on the Internet.

The presence of brands on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is as basic to keep them at the top of their performance. However, keep these platforms a day requires hard work by the Community Manager.

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It is responsible for managing professional digital community around a brand through content creation and generation of closer ties with their customers or anyone who is interested in the company.

The work of the Community Manager is to keep these fed and updated networks. It might seem a simple job that anyone would be able to perform but it is not, on the contrary, requires a set of qualities such as empathy, creativity, ingenuity and ability to handle crises like stress.

Work of the Community Manager

Creation of compelling content and quality

The Community Manager is not only dedicated to generating content to Facebook or Twitter, but also for the corporate blog of the companies where useful information is shared and interest to customers.

Management accounts

The hours of posting on Facebook or Twitter are modified according to statistics and variables result of user activity. There are digital tools that tell the Community Manager what the day and the right to publish content and receive greater acceptance and interactivity time.

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Programming content

The same digital tools allow to be responsible for publishing content established hours; this is quite useful for the Community Manager not spend hours glued to social networks.

Knowledge of the target audience

This professional should be responsible for meeting people entering their networks, visit your page and stay informed through their content.

Planning digital strategies

From the group of users that the Community Manager located across networks, may generate digital strategies and determine what actions to take to be more successful among this audience.

Generation of stable relationships with their community

If Facebook, Twitter or any other social network is managed correctly, a group of people who follow the brand is created. The work of the Community Manager is to keep these updated, informed and loyal people, plus size must increase that group. In short, it must become a friend of the user.

Identification of prescribers

Since community networks increased and is well established, specifiers, users not only interact with the brand publications but are willing to defend it against criticism from other users arise.

Give the face by the company

One of the most complicated and stressful work of the Community Manager; you should receive criticism and responding appropriately to maintain the digital brand reputation.

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