8 trends that are changing the marketing influencers

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The marketing influencers has become fashionable: brands are betting increasingly by it and are increasingly using these professionals to connect with their audiences, as they have realized that through them achieve better results and get better figures . Influencers help connect with the audience at a level that brands struggle to produce.

But beyond the marketing influencers is growing increasingly in this field also can find several points that are changing the agenda and that brands need to consider before embarking on the conquest of it or during strategy.Things are evolving all the time and different trends do not stop changing the face of marketing influencers. In an analysis in the journal Forbes, an expert on the subject (John Hall, CEO of Influence & Co., a firm specializing in influencers) marked what 8 trends are now changing the world of marketing influencers.

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The microinfluencers are the new fashion influencers

In recent times, analysts (and the media talk about these issues) have begun to increasingly important to microinfluencers. That is, they have begun to value not only to those speakers who can reach as large numbers of potential consumers, mass audiences but those who have a range in numbers much smaller but they get connect with valuable audiences in terms of specialization. As noted by the expert, companies tend to focus on those with higher hearings, when, however, who are more efficient strategies are doing well using those influencers less popular. Whenever the two points together and a wide fork is believed to draw on the microinfluencers can be very productive.

In the future, the important thing is not only marketing but also pay influencers livestock

Companies are paying to achieve marketing to influencers. It is a logical question. They are very interested in this type of action, they do not have very clear how to establish valuable relationships with influencers without going through box and want to appear or yes in this scenario. For brands, increasingly influencer is equal to payment. However, the expert begins to see a new vein, a new scenario in which, curiously, nonpayment could become an element upward. Now that everyone is obsessed with the content and the demand for content is growing, opens, says the expert, a new way for marketing influencers. You can establish relationships between both (brand and influencer) without payment medium content as currency.

The authenticity will be more important and more worked in marketing influencers payment

What is most important in marketing with influencers? The truth is that, despite what you might think, what is most valued in this relationship is that the message is authentic. It is what consumers value themselves and what they value brands that are associated with these expert speakers to deliver their messages. What brands want is that their messages are solid, they are seen effectively and that consumers connect with them. If influencers with collaborating lose this quality, work with them longer makes sense. Therefore, influencers will have to be increasingly clear between what is advertising and what is not, which will help to create a relationship of much greater confidence among consumers and they and result in greater authenticity and better results for brands.

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Brands will have to start being able to manage well their relationship with influencers

Or what it is the same thing will have to have a kind of special attention to specific customer for the influencer. It’s not about having a customer better, is not that exactly. The implication here is that brands have to create valuable relationships with influencers. As they have done at some point with consumers, they will also have to do with the influencers.

It is time to measure results

One of the great obsessions (logical) brands is to establish what they are taking from what they are doing in relation to their efforts. Traditional advertising is measured to determine which results are giving and what is being achieved with it. With the new generation advertising is the same: brands will have to start half the ROI generated by its relationship with influencers and set parameters operating at these levels has become crucial. Brands not only have to measure the results of the weight, that is, not only have to keep issues of quantity. Also they have to do with quality measurements, to be able to establish not only how much you get but what value is.

Artificial intelligence will also come with influencers marketing

And no, it is not about creating botnets are advised to talk about the brand.Artificial intelligence help you be much more effective when it comes to process all the information associated with generating marketing with influencers and, above all, to establish better working patterns.

The relationship will increasingly more clearly the long term

The expert makes clear with a very graphic example: treat influencers as one-night does not work. Relationships have to be sustained over time and, above all, worked in it. It has to create a framework of trust, a relationship much deeper. This ensures that the influencer establish a relationship that goes beyond money with the brand and that does not end in the hands of the competition.

The important thing is not the final check, but something else

And finally, brands must not lose sight of a matter. The important thing in this game influencers, is not so much money and how much is spent on this (the big check) but rather trust, influence. This is not to spend as much as possible, but rather to work to build strong, valuable relationships, and that will not get with money. In fact, before thinking of employing the influence of others, brands need to be able to create their own influence.

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