The benefits of e-commerce

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For small businesses, e-commerce offers some excellent benefits. Here we take a closer look.


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Reach new customers

When you invest in an e-commerce platform, you can reach new customers and markets in any part of the world. As long as your customer wants your product and can pay for it, and you can fulfil it, you have a potential sale. This overcomes the geographical limitations that physical shops offer.

Decrease your cost-to-serve

Cost-to-serve reflects the actual business costs that are accrued in the course of transacting a sale to a customer. With physical premises there is the cost of physical overheads, the staff needed to serve the customer and process the sale, and even costs relating to the handling of the money itself; however, e-commerce overcomes these costs by offering a single digital point for the customer to make their transaction automatically and without needing to physically enter the store. The back-end mechanisms align with stock control and fulfilment.

An engaging route to market

E-commerce solutions typically centre on a website or an app, which provide plenty of ways to engage with your target audience. If you are looking for web design in Dublin why not contact who serve the surrounding area. By accessing specialist digital design and development resources, you can build an e-commerce platform that is right for your business and within your budget.

Better data

Good data is the foundation upon which you can make good business decisions. An e-commerce solution helps you to gather rich MI for decision making and you can use this data to identify customer trends and establish ROI, which will help you to make best use of your marketing budget in the future.

The opportunity to sell in new ways

With an e-commerce platform you can deliver competitions, promotions and campaigns in new and innovative ways that engage your other digital media channels. This gives you creative ways to market to your customers and can engage with your social media marketing for added impact.

SEO benefits

E-commerce within your website is a great way to benefit from SEO gains and to drive more traffic to your digital assets. This is a key benefit for all small businesses.

What other benefits of e-commerce will be key to your business?

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