Google NSynth Super: A synthesizer with touch screen and Raspberry Pi to make music using artificial intelligence

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Yes, now Google has even musical instruments, or more or less. The artificial intelligence department, Google Brain, is showing us its new creation, which to everyone’s surprise is something tangible. It is called NSynth Super and consists of an experimental open source synthesizer based on ‘Magenta’, with which we can create music using artificial intelligence.

Google NSynth Super‘Magenta’, the Google Brain project that analyzes how artificial intelligence can help people to be more creative, was presented last year and from it derives NSynth (Neural Synthesizer), which are a set of artificial intelligence tools and machine learning that are capable of creating completely new sounds from existing sounds.

Well NSynth Super is the first device based on this technology, where the best thing is that it is available to everyone.

Completely new sounds from existing sounds

The NSynth Super arises from the collaboration between Google Brain and Google Creative Lab, responsible for creating devices for the maker community in collaboration with Raspberry Pi. It consists of a piece of hardware based on NSynth technology, where it will be possible to capture characteristics of the sounds of some instruments to create new sounds with unique attributes.

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NSynth Super does not generate notes, but real and individual sounds with exclusive qualities, which can be combined to create all kinds of mixes. That is, no sounds are superimposed one on top of the other, but a new sound is created based on the acoustic qualities of one or several instruments.

Google NSynth SuperThis curious synthesizer is not for sale, since the goal is for us to manufacture it, use the instructions available on GitHub, where we find all the details and a step-by-step guide to create our own NSynth Super.

The whole device is based on a Raspberry Pi using a touch panel that allows us to mix the sounds, in addition to dials to adjust various parameters. The NSynth Super can be connected to a MIDI source, DAW, sequencer or keyboard, where it will be possible to record our creations and use them later or play with them.

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