Satya Nadella admits defeat: “Clearly we missed the rise of mobile”

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There are just 24 hours to the autumn event for which Microsoft has summoned the media. In it is expected that we talk about the future of Windows 10 and show us new Surface devices range. One of the last to rumor, incidentally, is a hypothetical Surface Dial aiming to be the new mobile that spend time waiting.

At the gates of such an important event for your company, the CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella, has given an interview to the Wall Street Journal as part of its WSJDLive 2016 Global Technology Conference. In it he talked about his vision and how it continues to believe that augmented reality is their winning card.

Fail of microsoft mobile
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Nadella commitment to mixed reality

In recent months we are seeing two different tendencies, one to bet on virtual reality and another to do so by the augmented or mixed reality. Most companies, led by Oculus, have been betting on the RV, while Microsoft has followed a different path almost alone with their Hololens of RA.

“The ultimate computer for me is the world of mixed reality,” said the CEO of Microsoft. “Your field of vision becomes an infinite screen. You see the world, and the world also see virtual objects and holograms”.

With these words, the CEO of Microsoft has shown its belief that they are following the right path , In addition, explaining how at first it seemed that nobody confide too much on your bet alone, gave as an example his experience with the Surface range until they have managed to seat it on the market.

“Our goal is to invent new computers and a new computer”

“Think of what we did. At that time people asked ‘What is a two in one? “Now it is a category that is growing. “In addition, he also talked about the strategy that is following its business in both cases. “Both the Hololens, mixed reality, or Surface, our goal is to invent new computers and a new computer”.

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The mistakes of the past and the way forward

During this interview, Nadella has also had time to admit some of the mistakes of your company in the past, such as the complacence: “The early success is probably the worst thing that can happen in life, ” He said, and assured that their efforts are focusing on making Microsoft from being a company “that knows everything” to have a culture of “learn about everything.”

He also talked about the latest purchases of the company, which, he says, have to maintain a focus on sense of identity and purpose . To focus better and find those identity, confesses that he asks himself why he is on Microsoft and why people could throw them less or not if one day disappear.

To Nadella, Microsoft is a business tool, one that creates things for all hackers and creators of the world , and has always felt better when they express that identity. That has to be applied as technology is changing, and gave as examples Minecraft and democratization of artificial intelligences.”Honestly that’s what I’m focused, and that’s what customers expect from us.”

“Clearly we missed the rise of mobile”

It was inevitable that he asked for his lost battle in smartphones. “Clearly we missed the rise of mobile”, he answered. “Now we need to make to grow into new categories”. Will this be your white flag ensuring that there continue trying with mobile? We’ll see if finally tomorrow or not there is a new bet.

Seeing how all companies are entering the sector also has been asked if they plan to create your own car, and the response has been rive. “I’m very excited about all car companies that use Azure today. Honestly it’s the best thing that happened to us,” he answered making it clear that they do not plan to make a car, but position themselves to be present at all possible.

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