10 complicated situations to work for a boss level

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There are complicated situations, conversations and issues that are difficult to address them especially when you are a boss and you have your dependents.

When you reach a certain level of responsibility and insurance you have people to your position that you are getting with complicated situations, conversations and issues that are difficult to address them. Situations that make us uncomfortable cause us headaches or sleepless nights.

Sometimes it is inevitable, we have to be clear is how to deal with this type of conversations that are more difficult to cope in the workplace and we must consider how to address them without problems…

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Report a dismissal to an employee

This is the most difficult conversations that one boss has to face within a company. In this case it is best to solve not adopt a tough attitude, it’s best to show sadness or disgust caused this situation. Therefore, the worker may feel more supported at this difficult situation for both parties.

Give an unsatisfactory evaluation

A bad evaluation on the development of the functions performed by a worker is a situation, which is bad for those people pass who have to communicate. Fear degrade the employment situation or other consequences that may have, as a layoff, is usually present in the conversation.

What we do in these talks is not to hide the emotions that causes give this kind of news, based on data that have led to this type of rating and indicate possible improvement actions.

Giving bad news

Addressing some news, like the death of any employee is never pleasant to give and, therefore, often the heads of the company decided to avoid such communication. The consequences that could generate such action can trigger an indifference on the part of the leaders. It is best to give bad news and provide a space where employees can assimilate.


Certain people are so proud that they cost much apologize and try to avoid by all means. But we must reflect and take our share of guilt. Once we thought we apologize for everything you need to repair relations and restore the confidence of our employees.

In this way, they also will create a better working environment. If the boss apologizes to a worker, it is best approached as if it were an extraordinary thing within the team.

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Do not make a commitment

Sometimes employees cannot reach certain objectives and commitments that have been established. This may be because there happened something external to the company to prevent it. It must then communicate immediately and discuss the steps to fix it.

Other times, the commitments are not met by internal causes to the company. In this case, you will have to defend the decision although we are not totally agreements and must take precautions not to happen again.

Say no

Almost everyone has trouble saying the word ‘no’ and when you are in a position of responsibility. This limitation is that typically we enter a dynamic of saying ‘yes’ forever and this can sometimes lead us into trouble.

The best way to deal with this situation is to analyze and study each application individually, so we can see what can be done. After that, we will have to negotiate and use the right words, instead of saying outright ‘no’ way. It is always better to say ‘yes but …’ or ‘yes on condition that …’ to get to this negotiation.

No show of agreement

We express a point of view different from the others on a particular topic usually produces fear of rejection from the rest, which we perceive little problematic or committed to what is done in the company.

One way to present our contrary position to show the data supporting the position that we are defending view. So let’s avoid discussions with other employees of the company or the head of the position with which we disagree.

Ask for help

To most people find it hard to ask for help. One reason is that they think this way will be presented as someone vulnerable, as someone unable to do their homework or that are going to help, this will mean a favor they will pay in the future.

In the case of heads, usually not ask for help because of lack of confidence the rest. But do not ask for help can lead to long – term problems as a burden of overwork or job dissatisfaction. Ask for and provides support to our partners we humanizes and improves working conditions.

Order something we need

People do not usually ask for promotions, ask for a raise or any other kind of recognition they feel they deserve and prefer their responsible those who by themselves realize how well they are doing and give them therefore a reward.

As this does not happen often or rarely happens, it is best to deal with a request based on objective data and arguments to support our proposals for a justified and unaltered.

Thanking someone else

Thank someone for their help or support at certain times are little things that we often overlook. We must consider what others are doing for us and give thanks.

This will be an opportunity to show our fellowship, our personality and break the duality person – professional that many people strive to maintain within the company.

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