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Five tips that I would have liked to start my blog receive

I am not very fond of typical post 10 tips for the 10 mistakes … because most just looking to get spread (I like to see the data in terms of conversions, visiting times, rebound, etc.) and the tips do not add much value. Well, certainly more than one is useful to them, so keep not doing ‘blood’.

But if it is true that some of them you find interesting things in the form of advice, useful web, application, etc. So I’ll try to make a short list as possible and useful tips for beginners bloggers or people who are thinking in creating it.

1. Beat the fear of writing

The first is to break the mental barrier that we all have before you start. You must start by having a clear idea (does not have to be 100% defined), the subject on which you want to write. Once you have that, stop and start now mulling. Not next week or when passing x thing. Enter WordPress, Register your own blog and write the first post. It is free and takes 10 minutes.